December 6, 2018

No matter how much effort you put into choosing your outfits, it is the accessories that make the all the difference. Men often ignore this subtle yet strong part in their dressing game and lose the bet. Don’t believe us? Wear a slightly mismatched pair of shoes and the mirror will tell you that your expensive tuxedo is no good.

Finding the right accessories for men is indeed a tricky business. But, when in doubt, stick to the tried and tested classics. Here’s a list of time-tested add-ons that will keep your style-o-meter raised up North:


Shoes_Men's accessories

Shoes to an outfit are like the toppings to a pizza. They decide the ultimate look, feel and vibes of your get-up. A pair of leather boots, loafers, suede moccasins and derby dress shoes deserve their place of honour in men’s shoes collection.


Sunglasses_Men's accessories

You can hardly name another thing in your closet which serves both style and practicality like this one. There’s a surge in men’s sunglasses in terms of both styles and shapes, but the classic aviators, clubmasters and wayfarers have been in vogue since eternity.


Watches_Men's accessories

In an age when there’s a timekeeping device embedded in every electronic gadget, watches for men are still very much in style. Real men look at their wrist, and not turn to their mobiles to keep time.


Belts_Men's accessories

The thing that holds your trousers up, also holds your entire look together. A timeless brown/black belt with a stainless-steel buckle is a staple in your wardrobe.  You must buy a belt two or three sizes larger than your pants to get a good fit.



Cufflinks_Men's accessories

Wear your style on your sleeves, quite literally, with a pair of understated cufflinks. They add volume to a debonair look with just the right flash at the right places.

Leather Satchels

Leather Satchels_Men's accessories

Leave your backpack for the trips and get business-y with a solid brown leather satchel. From meetings to dates, satchels are a great choice for men’s bags.

Pick the classic menswear arsenals from the men’s accessories for the perfect look.

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