August 21, 2018

Tall men are often perceived as authoritative and attractive. And you’d admit, nailing that perfect suited up look is much easier when you’ve got a few extra inches on your side. But the good news is – you don’t have to be tall to look the part.


Whether you’re a short guy wanting to add some inches or a tall one wanting to appear a bit more taller, a few smart styling tips are all you need!

Monochrome-Look_Men's Style Tips To Look Taller

Monochrome Look – Adding to the illusion of a taller frame is easier when you’re sporting one colour or pattern from head to toe. Monochrome dressing creates that straight vertical alignment. The result? A taller and leaner look. The idea is to avoid breaking the body line with large patterns and prints.

Well-fitted-Clothing_Men's Style Tips To Look Taller

Well-Fitted Clothing – Snug and form-fitting clothes make you appear taller, it’s true! Don’t forget that well-fitted garments are also a sign of refinement and elegance. Stay away from baggy pants and loose shirts as they can make you look short and stocky.

Vertical-Stripes_Men's Style Tips To Look Taller

Vertical Stripes – The rule of wearing vertical stripes has been reinstated time and again and this may just be the perfect season to flaunt the trend! It’s amongst the easiest ways to add length to your frame; so wield out those striped men’s shirts, all-striped pantsuits and tees. It’s time they reclaimed their spot in your wardrobe. And, avoid horizontal stripes at all costs as they defeat the purpose!

Zero Chunky Accessories _Men's Style Tips To Look Taller

Zero Chunky Accessories – Streamlining your look by skipping all the bells and whistles is one way to creating a taller and leaner look. Avoid wearing any eye-catching accessories as it breaks the impression of an elongated frame. Steer clear of chunky watches, wide ties, and belts for men that will interfere with the slick silhouette that you’re looking to achieve.


Short Works_Men's Style Tips To Look Taller

Short Works – Longer shirts and jackets for men could make you look bulky, as though you are wearing the wrong size. A shorter shirt or jacket, on the other hand, will add proportion and balance to your silhouette. Styling this way enhances your stature and gives you a taller look.

Here’s your set of ultimate solutions to looking taller. Take a cue and amplify your dapper dressing sense. Start by shopping for jackets for men,  t-shirts for men, men’s fashion blazers, men’s casual shirt styles, men’s regular fit jeans, and more online!

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