August 27, 2021

it’s time to pick up new trends like layering. The art of layering is not as complicated as it seems, especially if you’ve got our guide to help you out. Learn how to pair textures, patterns and colours for the perfect, drool-worthy layered look!

Layering is a trend that you can flaunt all year long, especially if you go for lightweight fabrics. For a casual look, start with the base layer of the Life Solid Cotton T-shirt that has the added detailing of a henley neckline. The VOI Jeans Casual Jacket is a men’s lightweight jacket that becomes the second layer for a fresh, youthful appeal. Alternatively, you can style the Campus Sutra Hooded Sweatshirt under the jacket to beat cooler temperatures and create a visual anchor against the contrasting denim texture.


For a formal layered pattern on pattern look, the Arrow Stripes Cotton Shirt will give you the perfect base. It’s light and breathable and the stripes provide for a subtle detailing. Top it up with the Louis Phillipe Casual Blazer, a casual blazer for men that has thinner stripes to complement the shirt. The fine stripes run in sync with the shirt and the black color will add balance to the hues.

Start with a casual shirt for men like the Stop Polo T-shirt for a casual yet smart base layer. Its soft and light texture with neutral colors complements the Giovani Casual Blazer that adds a formal touch to your effortless layer. It makes for an unique yet appealing look that will definitely make you stand out. 

A layered monochrome look is what makes up for a classic statement. The Tommy Hilfiger Cotton T-shirt will add a modern and stylish touch to your base layer with its super comfortable fabric that sits well against your skin and keeps you cool. The Tommy Hilfiger Casual Shirt in beige as the base layer shirt complements the neutral tones of the t-shirt. Leave the shirt unbuttoned and add the Campus Sutra Hooded Sweatshirt as the top layer, leaving it unzipped.

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