June 19, 2018

This monsoon, give your hair some extra nourishment as the city turns into a battleground of rain, smoke, and high levels of humidity.

Here’s your guide to sailing through monsoon with your hair unscathed!

Rinse-It-Out_Haircare Tips

Rinse It Out – The first and foremost step for monsoon hair care is to make sure your scalp and hair is clean. Wash your hair at least 3 times a week with a mild shampoo. This would ensure that the dirty water and pollutants trapped in your hair are washed off.

Condition-and-Protect_Haircare Tips

Condition And Protect – While a sudden onslaught of showers may seem inviting, it could be damaging to your hair. Fresh showers are generally acidic and carry a high level of pollutants which could leave your hair feeling dry and brittle. Replenish the moisture in your hair and protect it from the elements by deep conditioning after every wash. Use a high-quality repairing conditioner to smoothen, soften, and moisturize your hair.

Oil-Therapy_Haircare Tips

Oil Therapy – Your hair needs a chance to recover with the changing season. Give it a chance by making your own hydrating elixir with a regular hair oil massage. Combine olive oil, coconut oil and 4-5 drops of jojoba oil. Heat this mixture slightly and massage it from your roots to the tip once a week. Do it frequently and watch your hair become more resilient. If you’re pressed on time, you can simply get your hands on a protecting hair mask or oil formula.

Eat-Right_Haircare Tips

Eat Right – Give your hair the nourishment boost from within to cope with the weather. Eat foods packed with proteins, Vitamin C, zinc and iron. Make sure your water intake is adequate, because it’s not just your skin that needs hydration!

Seal-in-the-moisture_Haircare Tips

Seal In The Moisture – Freshly washed hair is more likely to dry out, go frizzy, and eventually break. It could either be blamed on the weather or the cleansing ingredients in hair care products. Avert the damage by applying a nourishing serum immediately after your hair wash. Hair serums protect your tresses from environmental damage and leave behind a rich glossy texture, which is hard to achieve with only a shampoo-conditioner regime.

Comb-It_Haircare Tips

Comb It – It’s no secret that combing helps in blood circulation which further stimulates hair growth. It also helps to regulate sebum production to keep your scalp naturally nourished and free from dandruff. Do it religiously in monsoon to combat the damage caused by the weather and pollutants. Ensure you do it after air drying your hair as combing wet hair could further damage and weaken it. Use a wide tooth wooden comb to remove the knots and prevent frizz.

Cover-Up_Haircare Tips

Cover Up – Being acidic in nature, rain water can be very damaging and drying for your hair. Staying for hours with damp hair could lead to dandruff, hair fall, and breakage. While the right hair care products and tips will help to protect your hair, remember, the first line of defence is shielding your head with an umbrella or waterproof rain jacket.

Revel in the monsoon spirit without worrying about hair damage. Pick the right products to get started.

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