July 17, 2018

Monsoon is best enjoyed indoors with a piping hot cup of tea and the warm comfort of your home. However, it’s hard to stay happy for too long indoors when the atmosphere gets dull and gloomy. But a simple home revamp, can make the countless lazy hours more enjoyable. You can simply sit by the windowsill admiring the weather as well as your new home décor!

Here’s how you can harmonize the indoors and the outdoors this monsoon home decor.

Play On Your Senses

Play On Your Senses_Monsoon Home Revamp

Source: popsugar.com

Smell and sight are two powerful senses that you can play with this monsoon. You can’t have your home smelling musty and moist nor can you let the dark grey skies cast their shadows into your space. The quickest hack to having your home smell and look like a dream? Scented candles! Place them in all corners of your home, on side tables and coffee tables, bathrooms and windowsills. You can use diffusers, floating candles and  aromatic products, incense sticks for a variety of scents and an enchanting aesthetic. Not only will this come in handy during power cuts but also create a set up which makes for some great photo ops!

Listen To The Songs Of The Wind

Listen To The Songs Of The Wind_Monsoon Home Revamp

Source: livspace.com

Monsoon is the best time of the year to adorn your home with beautiful wind chimes. They can create an almost enchanting aura each time the cool breeze blows. Add to this, the comforting pitter-patter of the rain drops, which lend to an ambience of calmness and serenity. These monsoon accessories are available in a variety of materials ranging from wood to metal, so you get the visual aesthetics on point!

Usher Nature In

Usher Nature In_Monsoon Home Revamp

Source: jacinteriors.com

The lush greenery of the monsoon doesn’t have to stay confined to the outdoors. It’s the perfect season to grow a green thumb and bring nature into our homes. Fresh flowers and greenery make everything brighter and better and lift the spirit of any room. In case you don’t have the time or patience to maintain a green home, you can always opt for artificial flowers and succulents. They do just as great a job in reflecting the beauty of nature in your cosy home.

Colour It Bright

Colour It Bright_Monsoon Home Revamp

Source: homesthetics.net

Change up the colour palette of your home decor – cushion covers, bed sheets, wall papers, and anything else that’s changeable! Choose bright coloured cushion covers, throws and bed sheets. Skip intense shades of blue and red and opt for bright yellows and greens instead. Or better still, pastels! They will infuse a cheerful vibe into your space, even when the weather forecast sums up a day of cloudy skies and roaring thunder!

Keep The Dirt Out

Keep The Dirt Out_Monsoon Home Revamp

Source: artorbit.me

A doormat is a must-have home decor item during the wet months. It’s your first line of defense and your safest bet to keep the dirt and dampness away from your home. Pick out doormats made of rubber, jute or coir. They act as the perfect dirt-trappers. Try colourful rugs for a touch of brightness; however, avoid opting for all white or beige ones. These small house care tips will go a long way when maintaining your interiors.

With these tips to revamp your home, your monsoon just got a lot better! Now you can make your house a cosy haven for the next four months and bid goodbye to the dull and dreary aura of the season. These home care tips are quick, easy, and won’t make you deviate from your budget!
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