June 27, 2018

We spend a fortune on buying leather bags, purses, and shoes. But monsoon could be a huge deal breaker, if your statement accessories are left unattended!

Although durable, leather stands at a high risk of succumbing to the high levels of moisture in the air. Don’t wait to wake up to damaged leather, here are some leather care tips to see them through the season, unaffected.
Waterproof-It_Leather Care

Waterproof Your Leather – Since leather accessories like shoes are most likely to bear the brunt of moisture and water, it’s important to waterproof them. Spray-on waterproofing compounds and wax-based polishes, containing ingredients like silicon polymer are the answer. These can be applied generously over leather products to form a protective layer. Ensure your leather accessory is wiped clean before application.

Store-In-A-Dry-Place_Leather Care

Keep The Moisture Away; Try Newspaper! – While we’d like to believe that our leather items are safe as long as they’re in a closet, it’s imperative to do frequent dip checks. A leaking wall or a dripping air conditioner vent nearby could spell trouble. Even when you’re not taking your leather goodies outside, make sure that you keep them at a dry and clean place to keep moisture away. Insert crumbled newspaper sheets inside the leather shoes and bags that work to wick off moisture and keep them dry. And avoid keeping them inside sealed plastic bags as leather hide is organic and could get damaged.

Polish-And-Condition_Leather Care

Polish And Condition The Hide – If you’ve recently used your leather shoes for a business meeting or a formal gathering, it’s important to begin the repairing process as soon as you set foot at home. Get to work with a good-quality, wax-based leather conditioner to combat any monsoon damage done to your shoes or other leather accessories. The product is designed to specially protect and restore the natural shine of your leather accessories like shoes, which are prone to getting wet. Make it a point to apply it before use too, to reinforce the protective barrier.

Brush-And-Wipe_Leather Care

Brush And Wipe The Accessories Frequently – Dirt or dust on leather accessories like  bags and shoes could toughen with exposure to air. Ensure that the items are immediately cleaned after use in case an occasion demands you to use them. Brush and clean the leather products with a soft-bristled brush or microfibre cloth designed especially for leather.

Air-Dry_1_Leather Care

Air Dry The Leather After Use – Ideally it’s best to avoid using leather accessories in monsoon. However, if for any reason you do and happen to accidentally get it wet, never use a hairdryer for drying. The hot air is most likely to ruin the texture and eventually cause cracks in the material. The best trick to dry wet leather products is to keep them under a fan and let them air-dry. You could also use a tissue paper to pat-off the excess moisture.

Follow these maintenance tips and your leather accessories will keep looking brand new. And, don’t hesitate to buy your favourite leather accessories just because it’s monsoon! These hacks will keep them protected.

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