February 8, 2019

You obviously want to look gorgeous and up to the mark on your honeymoon. But for that, you need to add only a few and important beauty essentials in your honeymoon bag. These beauty essentials will make you look gorgeous and beautiful for your trip and special dinner dates with your husband.

Here is the guide to pick up beauty essentials for your honeymoon trip.


NO TANNING_beauty essentials

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You don’t have to worry about the ugly tan lines after come backing from the trip. Taking care of the skin is the most important thing especially when you are on your honeymoon trip. Sunscreen is a must-have beauty essential in your cosmetic bag.

A sunblock will help protect your skin from getting damaged and tanned from the harmful UV rays. Go for a sunscreen with at least SPF 30. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen on your body.


NO MORE CHAPPED LIPS_beauty essentials

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You can’t miss out on your favourite lip shades but let’s not forget a lip balm, which would keep your lips moisturized and hydrated. A lip balm with a red or pink tint will complement your looks.

Carry an SPF tinted lip balm. It will keep your lips hydrated all day and will leave a light tint of color. It keeps your lips supple and hydrated. A lip balm won’t smudge like a lipstick.


LITTLE DRAMATIC EYES_beauty essentials

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A kohl pencil adds drama to your eyes and also makes you party ready in minutes. Opt for a kohl pencil rather than a liquid or a gel eyeliner.

Black, brown or blue kohl pencil with waterproof ingredients would be an ideal choice for your honeymoon make-up bag. Create a glamorous kohl-rimmed eye makeup look.


NO OILY & FLAT HAIR_beauty essentials

source: fashionlady.in

When you are on your honeymoon and busy going around the city, it isn’t possible to wash your hair frequently. To avoid flat and oily hair opt for a dry shampoo. Dry shampoo helps you to keep oily hair at bay.

Opt for a dry shampoo similar to your hair colour. Spray it with a distance of 4-5 inches away from roots. It removes oils from the hair and adds up the volume.



source: oprah.com

A moisturizer is an important beauty essential in your cosmetic handbag. A moisturizer keeps your skin supple and hydrated all day.

Moisturizer with essentials oils also acts a makeup remover. Go for a moisturizer with SPF so that if you forget sunscreen you have your saviour. Keep a travel size moisturizer to apply it whenever you feel you have dry skin.



source: fashionlady.in

Adding a little glamour to your no makeup look never hurts anyone! A nice shade of bronzer and highlighter does magic for a nice evening date night with your husband.

Put on a bronzer and highlighter powder on your high points of the face with deep kohl-rimmed eyes and with a perfect shade of nude lipstick. You are good to go, lady!


– Pack travel sized essentials like deodorant, perfume, foundation, moisturizer, night cream, shampoo, and conditioner.

– Opt for water-proof makeup beauty items as it will not smudge and you can be carefree about your makeup look.

– Make a travel-sized pouch when you are out with your husband and include things like kohl pencil, lip balm, perfume, and mascara.

These beauty essentials are your must-haves on your honeymoon trip.  You must surely pack these right now in your travel makeup pouch!

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