September 12, 2018

Well-defined eye makeup can do wonders to highlight your best features. Having the right makeup products is the first step to create that appealing look.

Whether it is a quick makeup session before stepping out for work or a full-fledged after-hours look, these are all the makeup essentials you need.

Perfect Brows_Eye Makeup Essentials

Perfect Brows – Well tamed and defined eyebrows provide that polished and graceful look. Pomades sculpt, contour and fill in the eyebrows with a single stroke. They have a creamy texture, don’t feather, and last the whole day. Whether you’re getting ready for work or a party, achieving those slick eyebrows is so easy! If you’re looking for a product that defines the eyebrows without filling in colour, rely on a transparent eyebrow gel to do the trick!

Defined Eyes _Eye Makeup Essentials

Defined Eyes – Kohl is that one eye makeup product women never walk out the door without. It’s a daily essential and the go-to product even when you’re running late and don’t mind just a dab of makeup! Kohl defines the eyes and give them an almost striking appearance. Whether it’s bold lines or a smouldering smokey-eyed look; with eye kajal, eyeliner pencil, or kohl, nothing is impossible!

Bright Eyes_Eye Makeup Essentials

Bright Eyes – Eyeshadow provide a peppy and fresh look to your eyes instantly. Invest in an eyeshadow palette with shades ranging from soft neutrals to sultry dark for that work-chic to party-queen transition. Make your pick from the best eyeshadow palettes!

Curly Flutters_Eye Makeup Essentials

Curly Flutters – For achieving those perfectly curly flutters, an eyelash curler is a must have! They shape, define and curl your eyelashes with a simple step. Using them in conjunction with a simple black liner assures you the perfect doe-eyed look that everyone aims for!

Winged Precision_Eye Makeup Essentials

Winged Precision – Eyeliners have the power to glam-up your entire look in a jiffy. If you are someone who doesn’t have the time or skill to apply eyeliners without messing it up, a precision eyeliner pen is the perfect pick-me-up for your eye makeup essentials kit. It is designed like a pen for easy application. Just glide it on your eyelids for a subtle cat-eye or dramatic winged look.

Volumized Flutters_Eye Makeup Essentials

Volumized Flutters – Discover fuller, darker and thicker eyelashes with volumizing mascaras. The volumizing bristles separate the lashes and coat them evenly to give you an alluring and refreshed look. The product also works to curl, lifts and define your eyelashes. Use it with your eyelash curler for that amplified effect!

Brush 101 _Eye Makeup Essentials

Brush 101 – There is an array of eye makeup brushes available for creating a flawless look. While blending brushes are soft and work to blend the eyeshadow evenly, smudger brushes, on the other hand, are generally round-edged and help to smudge the pigments effectively for everything from an ombre look to a smokey eye. Crease brushes are used to define and give more depth to a look. They can also be used to strobe the inner corners of the eyes. Angled brushes are also a sought-after makeup tool for precisely filling in the eyebrows and even lining the eyes when needed.

Flawless eye makeup can transform your look entirely. Achieve that perfect look from a wide selection of eye makeup products online including eyeshadow palettes, eye kajal, eyeliner pencils, gel eyeliners, and more!

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