November 2, 2017

Wristwatches. They may not seem really necessary (from a utility viewpoint) in today’s world of clocked digital interfaces (think smartphones), but when it comes to accessorizing an outfit – especially for men – a watch is easily the best choice.

Why? Well, because watches represent so much more than just what they’re supposed to do. A watch is a style statement; it tells others quite a bit about the wearer’s personality, taste, and status.

There are many types of watches and what’s more, they never go out of style. So, here are our top choices for the best watch styles for men.

Dress Watches

Dress Watches are a Must Have

Complement your formal three-piece suit with these men’s luxury watches. After all, that is what they’re made for. With a thin dial-case and thin leather straps proportionate to the wearer’s wrist; these classic watches won’t really draw much attention to themselves. However, their presence will be felt, as they fit perfectly under your cuffed sleeve.


Fashion Watches

Fashion Watches are a Must Have

Fashion watches can be for both, casual and dressy situations. And they often come with large dial-cases, metal or leather straps and features like chronographs, altimeter, depth gauge etc. Go for digital or silver watches for men and make a statement about your personality.


Sport Watches

Sport Watches are a Must Have

Sports watches for men are often bulkier than other types, but they come with rubber or nylon straps and lighter-weight cases, making them more comfortable than the rest. Their built-in sport-related features like stopwatches, chronographs, compasses, etc., give them their name.


Automatic Watches

Automatic Watches are a Must Have

Automatic watches for men are mechanical watches (with springs instead of batteries), that self-wind using your arm motion. A fully wound watch can run for two days. Therefore, as long as you continuously wear them, they will keep running indefinitely, making them great for casual use.

So, go ahead, shop for watches and add to your collection.

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