Nail Art To Hail The Festive Season!
September 27, 2019

Navratri, spread over nine nights, is one of the most awaited festivals in India. This festival of song and dance captivates the entire country. People wear vibrant colours that go with the festive spirit. Clothes, accessories and makeup are often the main points of grooming, but make sure your nails get enough attention too with impeccable nail art!

Nail art can be a lot of fun. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ace the nail art game this Navratri! 

Step 1: The Primer

Nail Art To Hail The Festive Season!

Start by simply applying a base coat with transparent nail polish. Shop for a good base coat for an even finish.

Nail Art To Hail The Festive Season!

Step 2: The Foundation

Apply a solid colour of your choice. It could be red or blue or green, depending on the festive dress you plan to wear for the day. For a glossy, lasting finish, try Maybelline’s Super Stay 7 day nail polish in different festive colours.

Nail Art To Hail The Festive Season!

Step 3: The Embellishments

Nail art has dramatically evolved over the past few decades and so have embellishments. While glitter has been used for ages as an embellishment, people now use crystals, pearls, petals and even tiny feathers as embellishments! When you pick embellishments, try to visualise how your look might come together with it, and make sure you don’t chip off accidentally. You can also use nail stencils to create innovative designs and add embellishments.

Designs to Mesmerise

  1. Mango Motif:
Nail Art To Hail The Festive Season!

Using the above three steps, you could apply a resplendent green as a solid colour and draw mango motifs with a contrasting yellow. Sprinkle some glitter dust over the nail and wait. Brush off what does not stick. You could use different shades of glitter such as gold, greenish-gold, pink etc over the motif. These make a blend of colours that is so interesting to watch. 

  1. Dandiya Sticks Motif:
Nail Art To Hail The Festive Season!

With a base and the main colour as yellow or white, draw criss-cross dandiya sticks with a dot at the head of each. The sticks can be different contrast colours of your choice. Finish off with a layer of gold glitter dust.

Use the Lakme Color Crush Nail Paint for a fun combination. Try more shades of glitter with Maybelline Color Show Party Girl Nail Color.

  1. Peacock Feather Design:
Nail Art To Hail The Festive Season!

For something new and slightly complex, try painting a peacock feather on one (or more) of your nails! Since the feathers are brown/green, start off by applying a base coat in a contrasting colour such as yellow or orange. Next, draw a thin line on your nails with dark green paint and spread the ‘feathers’ by using something really sharp (a safety pin would do). To the base of the feather, add concentric circles in blue and indigo to create a peacock feather.

  1. Simple Alternative if Nothing Works

If you want to go for something simple yet festival-ready, go for a double coat of any of the five shades in Revlon’s Fire n Gold 5 Finishes Nail Enamel and top it off with clear nail polish. The sheen is quite eye-catching and needs no pattern for further definition!

With nail paint, you can get as creative as you want to! Take inspiration from your daily life to create mesmerizing patterns during the festive seasons. For more nail art ideas, check out our blog on Simple DIY Nail Art Ideas. Shop for all the nail paints you need at Shoppers Stop online or in-store!

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