September 19, 2017

On your next manicure session, treat your nail to pretty nail polish shades and make your hands look more beautiful. Add these bright, funky, bold, feminine hues to your collection and flaunt your nails this season.

Millennial Pink


Millennial Pink has been the most obsessed and trending colour of the year. This feminine shade is a must have in your collection, as it makes your hands look elegant.

Electric Orange


This season go bold and experiment with bright colours like vermillion and tangerine orange. These are amazing shades that work great to lift you up on mundane days.

Metallic Shades


Metallic shades have replaced the all-time glamourous glitter. Metallic shades in gold, bronze, silver look great for an evening part or a celebration.

Flattering Nude Shades


Nudes may not be the shade of the year but it is definitely a-go-to-shade to make your hands feel younger and more ladylike. There are nude hues available for every skin tone, pick one that matches your skin and get the perfect colour.

Pretty Pastels


Brighten your days with cotton candy hues this season. Creamy pastels shades in a gel and matte base are a must have. Wear these pastel colours and make your hands look elegant yet trendy.

Dark Hues


The classic black was once reserved for punk and emo lovers. Today, these dark nails have risen from this niche tag and are now trendsetter’s colours. Pick deep blue or green hues of the versatile black colour and add that bold, magical look to your nails.

The Classic Red


The bold red is an all-time favourite. Pick a shade that matches yours skin tone and make your nails feel glamourous with this classic tone.

The Matte Finish


Matte nail polish colours have been the highlight of this year. Pick shades in pastel colours and give your nails a smooth look.

So ahead and let your nails do the talking!

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