September 28, 2017

Right from apparel to accessories, and hairstyle to makeup including nail art – there are a lot of trends going around in today’s world. Palazzos, off-shoulder tops dark lip colours etc., go ahead to make a statement and even the tiniest of the details contribute to the overall look. Which is why nail colours make such a big difference. Here are a few styles that you can try out and rock the party!

Monochromatic Nails


Just like the monochrome filter on Instagram, this colour scheme also sits your fingernails. Trendy and chic, monochrome is a simple to paint nail art design. Armed with just black and white nail paints, there are innumerable design combinations to decorate your nails. Outlining the nail, polka dots or better still – a dotted outline! Not only is it a great choice for a party but also a good choice for everyday office wear.

Broken Geometry and Fun Chevron


This one is for the minimalist enthusiasts out there. It’s very simple to pull off and if done well, makes you look chic in an instant. Pick out a basic colour and paint a pointed shape at the base. Leave a tiny gap and paint applying the pointed indentation. You can try out as many patterns as you want. Pick out the correct colour combination and this will be a hit at a wedding or a birthday party.

A Touch of Glamour With Gold


Ladies, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like gold? Add a bit of shimmer to your nails as well with this latest trend that has even the celebs adopting it. Whether you prefer white or black, just a sliver of gold polish is all it takes to take your nail art game to next level. You can try a simple golden line in the middle of you nail, either horizontally or vertically. Alternatively, you can try outlining your nail with gold. To mix things up a bit, use a matte polish with a golden streak to finish it off.

Go on ahead, work on your nails. After all, the whole point is about those stunning details, isn’t it?

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