Navratri 2019: Nine Days, Nine Shades
September 27, 2019

Among all the festivals we celebrate, Navratri is a special cultural extravaganza! As the name suggests, it lasts for nine nights, each a representing a symbol of the divinity that has bearings in our everyday life. Just as we ascribe meaning to all the different things we do in our life that links back to tradition and divinity, we also assign different colours to the different days of this vibrant festival.

Here’s a great way to bring out the festive season by wearing beautiful traditional outfits belonging to a color associated with each day of Navratri.

Day 1: 29th September – Orange

Navratri 2019: Nine Days, Nine Shades

The most resplendent of hues, it is the colour of sunrise and sunset, indeed the most important colour with to start the festival! A flaming orange also represents divinity in full glory. Here are some great outfits you could pick up to bring in the festive season! Dazzle in an Orange  Suit for a bright start to the festival.

Day 2: 30th September – White

Navratri 2019: Nine Days, Nine Shades

The significance on this day is the puja of Ma Brahmacharini and the colour therefore associated with it is white colour, a symbol of purity and peace. You can also wear white with combinations if you don’t prefer entire white outfits

Day 3: 1st October – Red

Navratri 2019: Nine Days, Nine Shades

Prayers for the divine grace of a form of the goddess Durga mark the third day of the festival. Red is rightly associated with this deity, a symbol of the power of a woman. 

Click here for a collection of  exquisite sarees in red.

Day 4: 2nd October – Royal Blue

Navratri 2019: Nine Days, Nine Shades

Dedicated to the goddess Kushumunda, she is known to have created the universe through her laughter. Representing the skies and the oceans, the colour associated with this day is royal blue.

Check out the Royal Blue outfits which  might just be what you like.

Day 5: 3rd October – Yellow

Navratri 2019: Nine Days, Nine Shades

This day is a celebration of the win of Goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura. With the slaying of demons, the world once again became happy and joyous. Joy is best represented by the beaming rays of the sun. Sure enough, yellow is the chosen colour on this day!

Try a mix of modernity and tradition with these yellow indian wear.

Day 6: 4th October- Green

Navratri 2019: Nine Days, Nine Shades

This day is celebrated as the win of peace over ego and evil dedicated to Goddess Katyayini. The colour best-representing peace and prosperity is green, is the colour of the day.

Glitter in green with  Anarkali suits or flaunt  kurtas.

Day 7: 5th October – Grey

Navratri 2019: Nine Days, Nine Shades

Representing the fearless form of Goddess Durga, Kalrathri. She adorns a fiery form with a complexion resembling the night. The colour of significance on this day is grey.

How about wearing one of the  delicate and elegant grey  sarees?

Day 8: 6th October – Purple

Navratri 2019: Nine Days, Nine Shades

Celebrated in all glory, this day called the Maha Gowri day, where the goddess is celebrated for destroying all evil and fulfilling the wishes of her devotees. Purple is the chosen colour. Purple represents peace, prosperity and prayers. This purple foil-printed saree is just the thing to make you the talk of the Navratri party!

Day 9: 7th October – Peacock Green

Navratri 2019: Nine Days, Nine Shades

The final day is one of blessings, knowledge and grand food! The festival ends with great pomp and show. Peacock green is a symbol of knowledge and power. End the festival with some exquisite clothing!

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