August 23, 2018

A fun night out is a great motivation to get you through the work hours. While we eagerly await our Friday nights, there is one dilemma that we all face; how to transition work makeup to suit a glamorous party look?

Carrying your whole makeup kit around is both inconvenient and time-consuming. So how do you transform the look to suit different occasions?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here are 4 office makeup to party makeup looks that are easy, quick and can be done almost anywhere!

Nude Lipstick To Bold Lipstick

Nude Lipstick To Bold Lipstick_Office To After Hours Makeup Look


When it comes to lipstick for office-wear, most women generally drift towards subtle nudes or pinks. However, you can glam up your after hours by choosing a bright or bold lipstick. This transition will easily change your look without much effort. Try richly pigmented mattes and high gloss variants, the top lip products in vogue.


Blush To Highlighter

Blush To Highlighter_Office To After Hours Makeup Look


A little tinge on the apples of your cheeks makes for the ideal 9-5 look. But if you’re looking for something that truly makes you stand out at night, dab on some highlighter. A touch of gold-yellow, a la Rihanna, will work like magic! Not only will it give you that instant glow, but will also add a burst of freshness to your face after a tiring day.


Regular Eyeliner To Smokey Eyes

Regular Eyeliner To Smokey Eyes_Office To After Hours Makeup Look


Simplicity is everything when speaking of eye makeup for office. But when dusk sets in, you’re free to play around with eye makeup! Your simple stroke of upper lid eyeliner can be extended to form dramatic wings. Smokey eyes can take your look up a notch when you’re ready to step out at night.


Subtle Makeup To All-out Shimmer

Subtle Makeup To All-out Shimmer_Office To After Hours Makeup Look

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Shimmer is a complete no-no in the boardroom. Instead, follow your regular primer-foundation-lip colour routine. To amplify your night look, say yes to shimmer! If you don’t want to go over the top, simply retouch your existing makeup. Then dab some cosmetic glitter over your eyelids for a complete makeover.

While office makeup demands subtleness, you can limitlessly experiment with an after-hour look. Because makeup that stands out is key to a successful Friday night!

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