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Old is Gold!

August 23, 2016

We are almost into the last quarter of the year. This means winter is coming! How prepared are you for the colder times? Well most of us don’t overuse our winterwear and have to repeat those. So if the thought of wearing the same things every year haunts you try little  DIY home projects to revamp your old winterwear. Here’s what you can do with all those old jackets.

Add a few patches
Something that is easy for softer fabrics, you could simply add different patches in innovative arrangement to make your jacket great again. Sew on stylish patches that appeal to you or simply look up current trends. If the sewing is too difficult, just use patches that you can iron on.

Dye with different colour
If your closet is filled with old jackets with that are simply worn out, just dye them with a new colour. You could use different dyeing techniques such as ombre or tie dye. Be careful when following the instructions on the dye pack to get the desired consistency or effect. Remember, a thicker jacket must be processed for a longer period to achieve the best results.

Bleach the jacket
You could use a simple bleach to generate different patterns of colours on your jacket. An abstract feel can be achieved through irregular discolouration or an organised pattern, surprised as you may be, will support your flair.


Add decorative embellishments

Make your jacket ready for the party and feel more glamorous wearing it. You could add various elements to the specific parts of the jacket, such has collar, cuffs, back, etc., or simply cover the entire jacket with some fab sequins. You could either stitch them on by yourself or use a fabric glue to make things easier. But remember, sewing is the best way to ensure that the elements are fastened properly. There are different ornaments you could add here, as some works better than the others. For example, something like the sequins will be great on all types of jackets, as do the different types of studs. Other times, you could choose something like pearls, flowers to decorate your denim jacket. You could also, outright, add a flag on the back of your jacket to shake things up.

Use it as a bolero
A jacket cropped to look like a bolero, can be one the best style tips you could implement. Be careful as such operation needs an expert hand.

Slash up the jacket
A rather inexpensive method will be to simply slash up the jacket at different parts and add some colour to it. It’s a rather rebellious approach which you could choose, though it’s not so friendly in those colder months.

Let your creativity run loose. Let us know of any more DIY tricks you know of in the comments section.

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