June 2, 2016

Every Year Pantone releases a list of colours to look out for, for the rest of the year. Usually only one colour is highlighted among the selected ones. However in a twist of events, this year they announced not one but two colours – Rose Quartz and Serenity as the colours of the year. Since last year I spent most of my time wearing and searching for everything Marsala, this time around I thought I’ll look for other ways to sport the chosen ones. That’s when I stumbled upon pink and blue nail art and that opened a whole Pandora’s box. Pink and blue nails look super chic and fun. Here are a few I tried –

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Create impeccable, proficient nail designs with minimal time and cost, just like an expert nail artist, or even far more superior. It’s neat and simple.
Lot of us appreciate nail art and yet are afraid to try it since we think it is complex. But making a pattern on your nails is less complex than you think. However, it does need practice and patience. So, go easy on yourself and begin with these simple nail art designs.


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