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June 2, 2016

You’re dressed to impress – a fantastic lehenga, shoes, earrings, and clutch to match, you’ve even got a hathphool. You look great, but your hair refuses to cooperate. You frown at your reflection and pull out your sock bun from the dresser drawer. Yup, we know the feeling.
If you have resorted to sweeping your hair back and up with a final sigh of resignation more than a few times, then maybe this article is just for you. We’ve come up with three excellent hairstyles that are elaborate enough to look like you’ve spent hours with a hairstylist but only require a fraction of the effort.

The Feminine Waterfall Braid

Reminiscent of simpler times and bygone eras, this romantic braided hairstyle captures feelings of whimsy and an almost magical playfulness. This type of braid drapes across and around your head to create curtains, or indeed, a waterfall. A waterfall braid has the added advantage of looking far more difficult to style than it is, but rest assured, this is an extremely simple hairstyle that you can easily achieve at home. This braid works for all hair lengths, but is great for longer hair as it’s one where you can really show off your long locks! Read ahead for details on how to accomplish this look.


  1. Start braiding a French braid over one ear. For the purposes of this tutorial we’ll start from over the right ear.
  2.  Pull the left hand strand into the middle as per your usual French braid.
  3.  Now take hair from above the braid and pull it down the middle of the braid.
  4.  Here’s the waterfall part – take the section of hair on the right and drop it down.
  5.  After you do that, create a section of hair from just behind the section that you just dropped down.
  6.  Work the new section of hair into the middle of the braid and continue around your head to the left side, just behind your left ear. Once you reach this point, drop the right hand section of the hair as you’ve been doing throughout this tutorial.
  7.  Cleanly wrap the left side section over the middle piece. Secure this firmly with one or two bobby pins. Hide the pins using nearby sections of hair.

And there you have it! One hairstyle fit for you as the main lead of your own romantic fantasy. Or a wedding, whichever you prefer.

The Alluring Retro Bouffant

One look at this hairdo and it’s no wonder that this was such a popular hairstyle among the Bollywood beauties from decades past. The best thing about the bouffant? It can last for days with proper care! A good shower cap and a silk scarf when in the shower or in bed is all you need to get even more mileage out of this hairstyle. This romantic take on the 60’s hairdo is not only more than perfect for an event like a wedding, but adds a touch of femininity and mysterious allure to every outfit. Done right, it should stay all day without falling apart even at the end of the day. Here’s how you do it:


  1.  Clip together the top half of your hair and tie the rest into a low ponytail.
  2. Push an opening just above your hair-tie with your finger and flip the ponytail into it, creating an inside out ponytail.
  3. Tease the ponytail out and roll up from the end of your hair to create a bun. Secure it with bobby pins.
  4. That’s it for the bottom half. Let down the top part of your hair, creating a side part. Tease it to create volume, and pull it all back loosely.
  5. Twist it once and push upwards to create a bump. Secure with bobby pins just above the bun made previously.
  6. Loosely twist or braid the hair. Wrap it around and under the bun, and secure it.
  7. Gently pull out a few hair to frame your face and soften the look.

Wedding Updo

This updo is perfect for medium length to long hair, and utilizes the previously learned waterfall braid to create a perfectly soft and romantic hairstyle. If nothing else, I can guarantee that you’ll feel like some sort of floaty ethereal being by the end of this DIY hair tutorial. Let’s go!


  1. Create loose curls all over with a  flat iron.
  2. Backcomb your roots to create volume. Create a heavy side part.
  3. Separate the hair on the side of the heavy part from your ear and clip it away. Take the rest of your hair to create a messy bun at the nape of your neck, towards the side of the part.
  4. Let down the clipped away hair and make a loose waterfall braid.
  5. Wrap it across the top of the bun and secure it with bobby pins.

There you go! There are so many different styles one can always try at home. However, remember, it is very easy to ruin your hair with all the experimentation. Keep them healthy and full of life with these products.

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