March 9, 2020

In recent times, most people live in an ‘in-between’ or a rented home until they get a space of their own. They tend to keep the residence just as the landlord left it and forget to give it their personal touch. But who doesn’t want a home that makes them feel at ease and reflects elements suited to their personal taste?

The place where you live is an extension of your personality. It is the one space where you can truly be yourself. It’s time you added that personal touch to your rented house and turn it into your home.

Here are home decor ideas for every personality. Read and follow the best ways to tweak and personalise your abode’s design.

The-Artsy-One_Personalise Your Rented Home

The Artsy One – Are you inspired by the little things you come across during your daily routine? Do they help you get ideas for your latest creative project? Well then, your home should be as artsy as you. Since it is a rented home and you may not be able to change up the colours of your wall, why not go in for a funky sofa set? A one in a bright colour will automatically give your home a peppy vibe. A colourful rug and a bright set of curtains would be good additions too! This could also give you the chance to fit in the fruits of your labour – namely, those amazing artworks, which could make for great conversation starters when you have guests over.

The-Modernist_Personalise Your Rented Home

The Modernist – If you love the clean-cut, elegant interior designs you come across in magazines and websites, there is nothing holding you back from giving your rented home that understated touch. A sofa set in a neutral shade is the perfect way to give your house that tinge of elegance. Additionally, you could spruce up an empty corner in the house with a floor lamp. And don’t leave out the final finishing touch of a glass vase filled with pretty flowers. It’ll make just the right pop of colour to lend some balance and warmth.

The-Comfort-Loving-One_Personalise Your Rented Home

The Comfort-Loving One – Is your idea of fun spending a day at home on the couch with a good book and a hot cup of coffee to keep you company? Well, your home should be as comfy as you want it to be. A great way to include this home decor idea is by making sure your house gives out a pleasant aroma and looks snug and inviting. Keep scented candles around the house, opt for potpourri to add a pop of colour, choose cosy cushion covers, rugs, potted plants and wooden furniture. These little things are sure to make a big difference!

The-Active-One_Personalise Your Rented Home

The Active One – Is dancing your stress buster? Do you love working out? Then, it’s necessary that your home remains clutter free to enable you to dance off those inches. Keeping this in mind, let your home design idea incorporate minimal furniture while still letting your house be an extension of your vibrant personality. A lightweight sofa is perfect since you can shift it around when you need more space to work out. You could also fill up a corner of your home with potted plants or artificial floral installations to add a pop of freshness to the room.

The-Old-Soul_Personalise Your Rented Home

The Old Soul – Do you ever feel like you’ve been born in the wrong decade? Does the past fascinate you? Give your home a Victorian feel for the old soul within you. Keep most of your furniture wooden to lend your home that antique feel. An antique clock on a bare wall is a great home decor idea. You could also consider a wooden rocking chair to enjoy those evening cups of tea looking at the sunset.

Take a cue from these interior design ideas and get on with the task of personalising your rented home. Start by shopping now!

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