March 19, 2020

The right bra is essential to perfect an outfit, and can also impact your physical health. A bra that does not fit perfectly can be cause for anything from chafed skin to severe backache. Let’s take a look at how to find the perfect bra.

Measurement Is The Key    It’s important to remember that your bra size changes from year to year, and tracking these changes is crucial to selecting the right bra. All you need is measuring tape and a mirror to determine both your band measurement and cup size, to get the best fit.


Wear The Right Clothes When You Shop   The ideal would be to wear a t-shirt, because that would give you the best idea of what the bra looks like under even the thinnest and possibly even the most close-fitting garment. This will help you better assess the look and fit of the bra.



Check For The Right Fit When you try on a bra, make sure that it fits just right. It should not be too small, with your cleavage spilling over the cups, neither should it be loose or otherwise ill-fitting. Ensure that the straps do not cut into your shoulders and back, and the band should fit snug, not tight.




Enjoy Both Style And Function   With the vast range of lingerie to choose from today, you don’t have to compromise on style to select the bra that works best for you. Whatever be your requirement, whether a bra for daily use or one for sports and fitness, there’s a range of fabric and designs out there.








Replenish Your Lingerie   Remember that your innerwear needs replenishment every six months or so. Inspect your bras at intervals to check for broken hooks or stretched elastic, and replace them, should they look worn out. Select the right bra and get set to tackle every day on your terms, with comfort and in style.


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