July 26, 2018

College life remains the most exciting years in any young adult’s life. Academics, sports, art, and countless activities and opportunities await. But between all this, there’s always the cash crunch as a young student, when it comes to shopping your heart out. So how does a diva keep up with her love for makeup?

Since buying high-end makeup could burn a hole in your pocket, it’s important to get your facts straight. Finding good quality yet cheap makeup products is now easier than you imagined!

Time to prep for college in style, without pinching your pocket with these affordable makeup products. Here’s how!

Tinted Moisturisers Under 500

Tinted Moisturisers Under 500_pocket-friendly makeup for girls

Source: sheknows.com

Looking your best isn’t all about caking up. A basic tinted moisturiser popularly known as BB creams can make a world of difference to give you a fresh and glowing complexion. Use one everyday or for those quick touch ups during college fests and post college coffee dates! These easy to dispense tubes work wonders just like any high-end foundation would, on a budget! Opt for a tinted moisturiser with SPF and opt for non-comedogenic formulation, because you definitely want to keep those dreaded pimples at bay!

Lipsticks Under 500

Lipsticks Under 500_pocket-friendly makeup for girls

Source: liveabout.com

Consider your college makeup kit incomplete if it’s lacking some good lip care products and tints. For everyday use, it’s best to stick to subtle pops of colour ranging from nudes, to corals, to pinks. While non-drying lipsticks are great picks, so are tinted lip gloss tubes. With the glassy lip trend being at its peak, a lightly tinted lip gloss would work like magic to accentuate your lips and add a dash of freshness to your look. What’s more, matte is here to stay; cheap matte lipsticks are now available in your favourite colours!

Concealers Under 1000

Concealers Under 600_pocket-friendly makeup for girls

Source: bustle.com

A good concealer can save you from the after-effects of late night study sessions and movie bingeing. Providing maximum coverage without looking cakey is the best way to qualify your signature concealer. Popular beauty brands offer some of the best and cheapest concealers that can make your dark circles and acne scars fade in seconds. Make it a priority to cleanse your face before and after using the product to prevent breakouts.

Highlighters Under 700

Highlighters Under 700_pocket-friendly makeup for women

Source: youtube.com

Get on board with the glow-face trend that has been taking over Instagram. Highlighters remain the makeup must-buy of the moment to impart an almost natural glow. An efficient highlighter can do wonders to your complexion, and can even give you a youthful appearance. The trick is to use it the right around your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your forehead. As opposed to popular belief, affordable highlighters aren’t just a myth. Get your hands on a good highlighter at a budget and start blending to perfection!

Eyeliners Under 500

Eyeliners Under 500_pocket-friendly makeup for girls

Source: esthersanter.com

Sometimes the only makeup you need is an eyeliner, particularly when you’re running late for class. Just a swipe makes all the difference, you’d agree. From liquid liners for that perfect cat-eye flick to traditional eyeliners for the lower lashline, you can now get it all on a budget! And yes, it’s inclusive of all those properties claimed by high-end products, right from being smudge-proof, to waterproof, to ophthalmologist tested!

Blush Under 500

Blush Under 500_pocket-friendly for girls

Source: jpninfo.com

 A touch of colour for that healthy, youthful glow always makes a good impression. Don’t hesitate to dab on a bit over your tinted moisturiser. Nude tones and subtle pinks are perfect for everyday wear. A budget-friendly array of blush products only sweeten the deal for you. Pick your favourite colour now!

Getting your hands on the best makeup products is now easier than you thought. And, it won’t pinch your pocket!

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