February 13, 2017

If  think you have found that special someone and are ready to spend the eternity with them then you are probably ready to take the next step. Grab this chance to show your love by perhaps getting down on one knees. Marriage is a huge step the two of you take as a couple and both of you need to make  sure you are ready for it.
If  you want to go for it and pop the most important question of your life, then you certainly have a lot riding on you. Specially when it comes to buying that near perfect ring!  You want to choose a ring that’s a perfect fit for your woman’s exceptional elegance and liking. Besides, getting a ring that she falls in love with will score you love-points for lifetime.

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Here are a few things to remember

1) Make a note of the type of jewelry she likes to wear. Does she prefer gold? Maybe she prefers silver or platinum jewelry. Is there a specific stone she prefers over a diamond.
2) Try to find out if she likes simple, modest pieces or big, flashy one?
3) Think about her personality and look for ring that would suit her best.

Just like you need to consider your woman’s preferences before you propose, diamond setting you choose in an engagement ring, also needs to be considered as per her liking. 

 A ring is not just a symbol of love but is a promise that says, you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. A perfect choice of ring will prove, just how important your lady love is to you.

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