Quick And Easy House Cleaning Tips For The Festive Season
October 17, 2018

Every year, the festive season has us looking forward to the fun-filled celebrations and the moments to cherish with our loved ones. While those special days are important, so are the weeks leading up to them, where we spend our time prepping our homes for the auspicious occasion.  Cleaning our homes for the festivities is one major part that we always keep at the top of our list. This season welcome the festive spirit into your home with a quick clean-up drive. Find how it’s done with our house cleaning tips and tricks!

Living Room

Living-Room_House Cleaning Tips

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Needless to say, your living room is probably the first spot you’ll begin with cleaning whether it’s an upcoming festival in question or even an evening soiree. Since the living may just be your home’s first and last impression, here are house cleaning tips and tricks you need to keep in mind.

  • Ensure your living room is well ventilated. Any unnecessary cluttering could work against the purpose. Stick to a minimal number of artifacts on your wall units and have a few statement pieces of furniture, not too many!


  • With the festivals around, it’s important to ensure everything looks brand new, even if they’ve been way past their prime. This is particularly important for glass and heirloom brass artefacts. Using some tomato juice on your tarnished brass items will restore back their lustre. For glass decor or windows, make a natural cleansing solution comprising four parts water and one part white vinegar.


  • Last but not least, your furnishing and curtains matter! Anything too worn out should be done away with. Choose brighter colours, keeping in sync with the festive mood. Ensure you use a quick vacuum cleaner to rid the upholstery of dust and impurities. As a final touch to your freshly cleaned space, don’t hesitate to add a few air-purifying plants like the Peace Lily and Lady Palm.


Bedroom_House Cleaning Tips

source: marceladick.com

Why should festive cleaning be all about the spaces that are only bound to be visible to our guests? Make it a point to extend the treatment to your bedroom as well with these home cleaning tips:

  • Get started by decluttering your wardrobe. Don’t hesitate to single out the garments you don’t wear anymore. Do a good deed by donating them to charity. If you do this, you’ve saved space and made room for newer things, just like the way the festive season inspires us to embrace the new.


  • Make it a point to air dry the bedsheets and duvets in your room after a good wash. Let them soak in the sunlight; a great way to prevent dust mites and germs. If you see torn sheet or worn out pillows, don’t hesitate to trade them for new ones.


  • Next, take the onus of decluttering the immediate furnishings in your bedroom, Declutter your table and do a quick dusting routine to leave the space spick and span! Use gentle, natural cleansing agents like warm water and baking soda. Use microfiber cloths because they’re perfect for everything from swiping your dresser clean to those photo frames by the bed.


Kitchen_House Cleaning Tips

source: itsyourwallpaper.blogspot.com

Your kitchen is the place where you’ll be whipping up those decadent festive treats. Make sure it’s ready to play mega kitchen by getting started with some quick house cleaning tips and tricks!

  • Declutter, declutter, declutter. Make this your mantra before getting started with any cleaning in your kitchen. We could all admit, our refrigerators and cabinets would function much better without a few empty bottles and expired sauces!


  • Areas like the kitchen counter, the island, and the splashback are most likely to be subject to oil stains. Add to it the high level of bacteria that exists in these zones if not cleaned well. Ensure the area is clean inside-out by making gentle, chemical-free solutions like vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice. While baking soda cleanses, vinegar removes stains and grease. Lemon juice on the other hand effectively kills bacteria.


  • Don’t leave out the kitchen racks, cabinets, exhaust fans, refrigerator, and oven. Make sure they’re free of pests, dust, and bacteria by using a cleansing solution. Use a sponge that will be easier to grip and a more gentle option to use on appliances. You could also use a fine toothbrush for nooks and corners that are hard to reach.


Bathroom_House Cleaning Tips

source: austinarchitects.org

A clean bathroom is the best complementary addition to any home. Regardless of whether your guests visit it or not, it could be the best way to reward yourself during the festive week. Think – aromatic baths in a tidy and relaxing bathroom! Here’s how to get started:

  • Throw away old bottles of shampoos and cleansers you don’t use anymore. Clean your storage cabinet dry as steam and water could get it damp, leading to bacterial growth


  • To clean your bathtub or wash basin, use a paste made of water and baking soda. For tough stains and hard-water residue on the tiles and counters, a solution of white vinegar and water will do wonders.


  • Rope in smart cabinets and baskets to neatly tuck away washcloths and other toiletries. Also, make sure your used towels and soiled garments are washed more frequently to prevent any odour in the bathroom when stored for long periods in the laundry basket.

This festive season, here are the only house cleaning tips and tricks you need to know. Before you get started with these quick home cleaning tips, shop for all the essentials online.

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