How To Recognise a Fake MAC Product
July 8, 2019

Like it or not, counterfeit makeup products are on the rise and are super harmful to your skin. Everyone loves a good bargain- especially when it’s on their favourite high-end brands. But more often than not, it’s too good to be true. While sporting a fake Louis Vuitton bag is one thing, counterfeit makeup products do more than save you money- they might affect your skin. Since fakes are so immaculately copied, here’s your guide on how to distinguish between the two.


How To Recognize A Fake MAC Product

If you’re a newbie buying your first MAC product, it might be a slightly difficult task to separate the fake from the real product. However, a simple colour check is all you need. When buying a MAC lipstick, you will notice the body of the copies are much duller in comparison to the real one. MAC lipsticks come in a glossy black bullet, while the fake ones come in a dull matt bullet. 

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How To Recognize A Fake MAC Product

The shape, size, and name of the product may be the same, but that’s where the similarity ends. A real MAC product has the brand name engraved on its products while a fake one just has the name printed on it. The print generally fades quickly, indicating that the product is nothing but a copy! 


How To Recognize A Fake MAC Product

When you shop online, you can purchase MAC at authentic sites like Shopper’s Stop that sell only 100% genuine brand products. When buying makeup from stores always ensure you test the product. A real MAC lipstick will be soft, smooth and have a buttery sheen to it. A fake one will look less impressive and will exude a chemical odour or have no smell at all. Quality is key for branded products like MAC, and a fake brand will not come close to the colour and feel of the real one.


How To Recognize A Fake MAC Product

One of the best ways to recognize a fake MAC product is by looking at its packaging. Fake MAC products look tampered and artificial because there is almost always something off with their packaging size. It’s either wider, taller or has a slight defect. If you pay attention, you will see that a real MAC lipstick’s cap shuts perfectly while a fake one has a little space above the silver metal rim. The case is usually dull while the real MAC lipstick bullet has a gloss like shine with the brand name on it. 


How To Recognize A Fake MAC Product

Lastly, price is the most important factor to consider when buying an authentic MAC product. Brands always have a licensed distributor or retailer to whom they sell at a certain price. If you are buying your MAC products online at a much lower price, then there’s a good chance that they’re fake. Also, check the original price on the MAC website so that you know if you are being duped for copies when buying online.

In the end, no matter how tempted you are to buy your MAC makeup at a discounted price, remember that it’s not worth the effort. Counterfeit makeup products are infused with chemicals and made in unhygienic warehouses, so you might be exposing your skin to some serious damage. Always buy from reliable online sites like Shopper’s Stop and give your skin the TLC it deserves! 

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