My Resolution: I Will Pick Colours I Wouldn't Have Before
January 3, 2020

Men’s clothing has traditionally been rooted in muted and neutral colours or dull monotones of browns and blues. In fact, most men’s colour preferences are so limited that their entire wardrobe can be reduced to just five or six colours. So, this new year, why not change the status quo on your wardrobe and make it a little more colourful? With a whole burst of exciting colours trending this season, there’s no better time to incorporate them into your wardrobe and give it that extra zing.

If you’ve always made ‘safe’ choices with your wardrobe colour palette, this guide will show you how you can add more colour. 

Shake Things Up With Chilli Red

My Resolution: I Will Pick Colours I Wouldn't Have Before

Striking on its own, this bold version of red packs quite a punch when paired with solid neutrals. Although best avoided for office wear, it can very well be adapted into your party wardrobe. For a toned-down look, keep it simple by wearing it over beige pants—perfect for a date night. Give your formal outfit a fresh spin by swapping your go-to white shirt with a fiery chilli red one under a grey suit. All you need are great cufflinks to go with it to make a suave statement at a cocktail party.

Peach Pink- A Shade That Will Suit Everyone

My Resolution: I Will Pick Colours I Wouldn't Have Before

This refreshing colour has been unfairly labelled ‘feminine’ but it looks just as flattering on men and works wonderfully with any dress code. Wear it as a formal shirt over navy trousers at the office. You can also style this colour as a polo tee with jeans for a casual, laid back day. The versatility of this soft shade complements a lot of colours, making it an excellent choice to colour block with. White linen trousers paired with a turquoise blue shirt when layered with a tailored, slim fitted light pink blazer will have you looking dapper at a brunch party. Just don’t forget those stylish pair of sunglasses and a watch to bring the whole look together. 

Muted Orange To Add A Bit Of Playfulness

My Resolution: I Will Pick Colours I Wouldn't Have Before

If you’re a guy who is game for experimenting, make this muted hue of orange a part of your closet. A pair of muted orange chinos teamed with a simple solid white tee will take your casual look a few notches higher. A minimal outfit comprising of a well-cut shirt in this shade, colour coordinated with a matching tie and brown or black solid trousers will make a minimal statement while earning you extra points for your unconventional colour choice. For more on bottomwear, read our blog on 4 Types Of Pants Every Man Must Own.

Bright Green For A Refreshing Burst Of Colour

My Resolution: I Will Pick Colours I Wouldn't Have Before

Although slightly tricky to pull off, don’t let the vibrancy of this green intimidate you. An edgy graphic print t-shirt with blue jeans makes for a great casual look. Opt for a quirky jacket in this colour to layer over a basic outfit and you will instantly inject a fun personality into your outfit. You can also add a dose of green in the form of shoes for that eye-catching pop of colour.

With these styling tips, your resolve to make a splash with colours in the new year will get a lot easier. Shop for styles in these exciting colours and more on Shoppers Stop. 

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