May 24, 2019

Until not so long ago, damaged skin had only one solution – a miracle chemical that saved the harrowing moments. This could be skin that has just broken out in case of a teenager or lack-lustre and ageing skin in case of an adult woman.

The secret was ‘Retinol’. An age-old remedy for all skin ailments, it is available in off-the-shelf counters at your local chemist. Various brands included this super ingredient that produced stunning results. 

Quick fixes were all too tempting to be ignored. The routine was quite simple. Apply the retinol-containing product for a few weeks, follow a regimen and your skin turned soft, supple, even and perfect! Uneasiness and pain were ignored completely.

It was worth it when you saw the results. Nobody really looked into long term effects of chemicals. Even dermatologists recommended retinol to their patients, so it was assumed to be 100% safe.

The Miracle Called Retinol


Retinoids are powerful. They are known to stimulate collagen growth, even out skin tone, help shed dead skin, smooth out fine lines, reduce acne and help skin recover from hyperpigmentation or hormonal effects.

Within a period of 3 to 4 months, skin texture improves by leaps and bounds. This explains the undisputed position retinoids occupied for decades as the miracle ingredient for radiant skin.

The Unsavoury Side Effects of Retinol!


Chemicals cause side-effects, and retinol is no exception. Care is advised once the new skin cells begin to develop with repeated application of retinoids. As the old skin peels off, the newly acquired skin develops higher sensitivity, especially to sunlight.

If your skin is already sensitive, it’s best to consult a dermatologist. Sun exposure should be avoided at all costs. Don’t be surprised if your skin begins to break out upon exposure to the sun. Your skin could go red, be prone to peeling, flakiness, irritation and rashes.

Sensations such as burning and tingling are common until your skin adapts and adjusts itself to retinol. If you’re applying retinol to get rid of acne, you may have more breakouts than before. 

The general advice given is to not give in to fear and discontinue application, but to continue applying retinol until the skin stops reacting. Also, pregnant women are advised against the use of retinol, as it is too harsh if absorbed into the skin and reaches the foetus. 

But what if these phases could be avoided entirely? Can a soothing herbal skin care product be the answer? Companies are investing heavily to provide organic skin care products, and the market is now phenomenal.

From affordable to the most luxurious herbal skin care products, customers are happy to choose a safe alternative for their skin. 

Retin-Alts – The Potent Alternatives!


With health and well-being taking top priority the world over, new ranges of herbal skin care products have flooded the market. They offer the same effects that of retinoid, sans the side effects!

Today, organic skin care is growing tremendously with top brands offering a wide range of herbal skin care products. You should look for some of these oils in the product ingredients list of your herbal skin carebrand to get maximum benefits. 

  • Bakuchiol Oil – The Perfect Retin-Alt!

The herbal skin care oil Bakuchiol is much acclaimed as the perfect retinol alternative. It is entirely plant-based and is derived from the Babchi plant. Though not structurally similar to retinol, it produces the same effect or even better. It’s a herbal skin care product that can work wonders.

It effectively stimulates collagen overlay, restores skin elasticity, reduces pores and produces new supple and healthy skin. It’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nature aids in fantastic skin transformation.

Here’s the best part, you get all the advantages of retinoids, minus the irritating side effects of burning, tingling, redness, flakiness or inflammation. Sensitive skin or not, you will not experience these adverse side effects with Bakuchiol. Patients with psoriasis can also use this excellent retinol alternative

  • Cacay Oil

To get rid of blemishes and wrinkles or to hydrate your skin, cacay oil is the perfect retinol free skin care product to invest in. Entirely plant-based, look for retinol free skin care products that include cacay oil, or you could simply purchase a small bottle of cacay oil and apply it as part of your nighttime herbal skin care routine.

Take a few drops of the cacay oil based product and gently massage your face and neck with it. The Vitamin E in cacay oil is an added bonus, as it acts as an antioxidant. The fatty acids in the oil help in keeping skin hydrated and luminous.

  • Marula Oil

Another alternative among organic skin care products is Marula oil. Though it does not contain retinol, it produces the same effect as retinol without any of the side effects. Marula oil is soothing and can be applied as part of your daily makeup to get that fresh, dewy look.

It primarily contains Vitamin E and fatty acids; it also helps to remove redness, even out pigmentation and scars as well.

Unlike retinol, which is not advised for pregnant women, marula oil can be used to reduce stretch marks, so it’s perfectly safe to use during pregnancy. You could apply it directly on your skin after a cleansing routine too.

If your skin is dry, it’s the perfect ingredient to hydrate your skin. You could also add a few drops to your moisturiser or even your makeup for a healthy glow and skin elasticity. 

You can browse for retinol free skin care products online. Though the prices may be on the higher side, the shelf life is long, and safety is guaranteed. Results may also take slightly longer than the quicker chemical alternatives.

Today, the choice among consumers are organic products. It is no longer a trend, but a conscious shift towards healthy alternatives. So go ahead and make a wise investment for healthy and glowing skin with herbal products that promise only the best. 

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