May 2, 2018

Hair. check. Skin. check. Nails. We’d rather not pay attention, right? Often, our nails remain at the receiving end of a busy lifestyle and lack of motivation.

While nail paint may coat the poor condition and health of nails, it’s serious nailcare we’re talking about.

Now that we all admit that nail care is often pushed under the rug, it’s time we did something about it.

Choose these 5 nail care products that’ll make you wish you’d tried them earlier!

Isadora-Nail-And-Cuticle-Oil_Nail Care Products

Isadora Nail And Cuticle Oil – Enriched with actives of vitamin E and F, this Isadora product should be a regular in your beauty regime. It’s the top treatment for dry and brittle nails and cuticles. The combination of botanical oils gives your nails that much needed moisturisation. Your nails get stronger and flexible too! In just 4 weeks you will notice a healthier difference in your nails.

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Sally-Hansen-Complete-Care-Extra-Moisturizing-4-In-1-Nail-Treat_Nail Care Products

Sally Hansen Complete Care Extra Moisturizing 4 In 1 Nail Treat – Extra moisturisers and nail growth reinforcers make for a good combination, one that will also improve the appearance of your nails. With the properties of a base coat, a strengthener and a top coat, this product helps in faster growth of nails. You can kiss brittle nails a goodbye and embrace stronger ones with regular usage. Apart from this, it also helps protect them from the wear and tear they face on a daily basis.

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Colorbar-Quickfix-4-Way-Nail-Buffer_Nail Care Products

Colorbar Quickfix 4-Way Nail Buffer – 4 steps and one block is all it takes to getting perfectly filed nails! From shaping to filing to polishing, each side of the block is numbered to help you with the process. If you’re suffering from stained nails, this block is your knight in shining armour. Buff them to get your nails looking smooth and glossy. And, you can use it while you’re travelling too!

Shop Colorbar Nail Care Products HERE

Sally-Hansen-Diamond-Shine-Base-And-Top-Coat_Nail Care Products

Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base And Top Coat – Here’s a Sally Hansen wonder product you need to have. This base and top coat formula gives your nails the strong foundation they need for a long-lasting manicured look! Add to this, the micro-diamond formula, which leaves your nails looking slick while preventing frequent nail chipping. The product is also designed to help smoothen the surface of your nails for even application of nail products.

Sally-Hansen-Hard-As-Nails-Hard-As-Wraps_Nail Care Products

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hard As Wraps – Hard As Nails Hard As Wraps by Sally Hansen is the perfect cure for brittle nails. By applying this effective formula, your nails instantly get powerful acrylic protection. The best part? You can apply it anytime and anywhere as it comes in a handy bottle. Your nails will no longer be fragile since the nourishing ingredients work to strengthen them from within!

Well maintained nails add a neat and clean touch to your pretty fingers. They will surely get you started off on the right note when meeting and greeting new people. So, get your nail care routine on point by shopping at our online store!

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