May 15, 2017

It is summer and guess what? It is also SALE time! High-end brands all over the place are pulling their prices down, all the way down! Imagine buying all the clothes you need or rather want, and all the while staying well within your budget. But before you go tearing through the masses with your eyes on that perfect black dress, give these pointers a read, to squeeze out the best and the most out of the sales.

Back to Basics


Basic clothing items include classic pieces like a white t-shirt, a little black dress or a pair of well-fitting blue jeans. These types of clothes aren’t related to any particular fashion trend. Use the sale period to fill the loopholes in your wardrobe.

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Create a Concentrated Effort


This will be a vital tool in your shopping-skill armada. Before heading out into the melee, open your closet and identify clothes that you need based on what you already own. This will not only give you a structured action plan, but will also help you stay inside your budget.

Buy Your Size


Seems pretty obvious right? Well, apparently it isn’t. Amidst the general fervour and rush, many people tend to get tempted to buy over or under their size, just because it’s on sale. Don’t make this blunder, as these clothes will only end up sitting in your closets.

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Go For a Quick Change


While shopping in the store, you’re going to be changing your clothes, a lot. So it only makes sense to dress in a functional manner. A t-shirt, sweatpants, slip-on shoes will keep your changing time short, allowing you to maximise the number of outfits you try on and in turn optimize your shopping! You can also carry an across-the-body bag to leave your hands free for rummaging.

Time your incursions


Check out the stores thrice. Once when the sale opens up, then in the interim and finally when the sale is closing up. This will also give you a reference point in terms of prices and you are sure to get the best deals. An inside tip: go to the store on a Thursday. Most stores start the sales on Thursday, aiming for the weekend. You will have to face a moderate crowd and you’ll also be free to pick and choose with leisure.

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