July 11, 2019

One thing that drives up everyone’s mood is hearing about a great sale! Each season, some of our favourite brands slash their prices to tempt budget-conscious shoppers to empty their wallets. Glistening racks filled with alluring merchandise await you as push through crowded stores making your way to that bustling changing room. On the other hand, online websites offer prices that seem too good to be true with products that sell out even before it reaches the cart. All this can lead to some frustration for the common shopper, just trying to purchase items they’ve been eyeing for the better part of the year. Be it an online or an offline sale; here are some online shopping tips and tricks that will save you money and make shopping a happy experience.

 Turn On Your Notifications 


The first and most important online shopping trick is to stay informed. When you shop online, turn on notifications to keep track of store sale cycles. If you know when a sale is going to start, you can plan ahead and make informed purchases rather than impulsive buys.

Notifications allow you to keep an eye out for the best deals available. If you’re lucky, you can access sale previews that will help you budget and save you a whole lot of time and effort!

 Create A Wishlist 


The wishlist feature is like Santa’s own notebook. Add items you need to the cart beforehand and simply checkout when they go on sale! For a happy store sale experience, visit the store beforehand and try on clothes or accessories you intend on buying. During the sale just head over to the rack and pick it up instead of scourging through heaps of mess.

Creating a wishlist is actually a great sale shopping tip because websites will alert you when your prospective items go on sale. It helps create a more seamless shopping experience, especially during flash sales that last only for a couple of hours.

  Check Return, Refund And Exchange Policies 


Despite all the planning, sales have a way of luring you into buying more than you need. And more often than not, you regret it once it’s done.  An important online shopping trick is to always check return, refund and exchange policies before making the payment.

Many retail and online stores do not allow a refund on sale items, so be wary of your purchases in case you are buying something expensive spontaneously. If you’re worried about picking the right size since different brands have different size guides, understanding which size you are in each brand could help.

  Buy Only What You Need 


Just because it’s on sale does not mean it is a steal. If your product does not last, is it even a bargain? A very important online shopping trickto ace the sale game is to ensure you know the product you’re a splurging on. Shopping is an investment and buying things you already have or do not need is just dead weight.

Assess your wardrobe beforehand and select quality items to curb impulsive buys during the sale. Another sale shopping tip is to stock up your wishlist only with the pieces you know you need. One online shopping trick is to check out quickly and avoid looking at other sale items if you don’t want to be tempted!

Avoid Peak Hours 


An important sale shopping tip is to avoid peak hours because trial rooms and checkout counters will be crowded. Plus it is unlikely that you will find your size or preferred choice of clothing wading through rabbles. Go during an off-hour to enjoy uninterrupted staff help, more variety and a calm sale experience. One of the best online shopping tips and tricks is knowing which days of the week are most crowded or a time span where the website will be overworked can help you step up your sale game.

Shop Alone


The last thing you want is to calm down your howling child in the store as you watch your desired pieces go off the rack. Sometimes it is best to shop by yourself. So go alone, enjoy the sale in peace and then head to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

The motto for online sales is the same- you snooze you lose. Take this sale shopping tip from us- set aside some quiet time when you can calmly shortlist items and buy them before the deal runs out.

  Always Ask For Help


Sales are a difficult time for the shop staff that is already busting their energy trying to keep the crowd at bay. So instead of walking out empty handed when you don’t find your size, ask. Stores stock up on inventory before going on sale and chances are you might find what you are looking for in the old stock somewhere. So be kind and polite, but don’t hesitate to ask for help if you really want to make the most of the sale.

Similarly, online websites have smartphone apps where you can check whether the piece you are looking for is in stock. If not, you can always request an alert when it comes back online.

  End Of Season Sales 


Make the most of end of season sales as sellers try to clear their old stock before trends change. It is one of the best times to save money by buying ahead of time. For example, spring clearance sales have excellent woollen items on a discount that would otherwise cost a bomb during winters.

So plan ahead and haul up on designer pieces at throwaway prices instead of drooling over them later. Since stores change everything on the rack before a new season starts, chances are you will find the entire collection on sale! Shopping ahead of the weather can ensure that you get what you need at a fraction of the original price!

Shop smart without digging deep into your pockets by using these offline and online shopping tips and tricks during sale season. Get the best deals both offline and online at Shopper’s Stop to look your best every single day! Buy clothes, accessories, beauty products and home décor accents at a discounted price during their sale and be a savvy-sale shopper.

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