June 2, 2016

After the success of its last edition of the Omnia Perfumes – Indian Garnet; Bvlgari has come up with a sixth addition to the collection. Named Omnia Paraiba after Brazil’s Paraiba Tourmaline, this fragrance continues the brand’s journey to exotic locations depicted in their scents. Known for its stunning blue-green colour, Paraiba Tourmaline is the perfect inspiration for this luxurious scent.






Alberto Morillas, the creator of this fragrance focussed on Passion flower scent inspired by the Brazilian ocean, beaches and jungles. Omnia Parabia is defined as a luscious floral scent with fruity freshness. It opens with notes of citrus liqueur and the fruitiness of sweet orange and the exotic passion fruit. The citrus is lively and fresh while the fruits give it some sweetness reminding one of yummy candies.






Middle notes of Brazilian gardenia and passion flowers takes one on a tropical vacation. This one, a pure indulgence ends on the notes of vetiver and cocoa. The cocoa might just possibly be for the sake of nostalgia, reminding us of the original Omnia. Packed in their signature bottle in an attractive blue – green colour, Paraiba is as eye catching as it is aromatic. Fresh, cheerful and lively with a lasting power of upto 6 hours without overwhelming, this fragrance can definitely be used daily and is perfect for the summer.

To conclude it is safe to say that we just found our summer scent! The exotic mix of tropical fruits and flowers has us hooked on to this one.
With the gorgeous Lithuanian Model, Edita Vilkeviciute as the face of the campaign, Omnia Paraiba is now available on Shoppersstop.com and is priced at Rs 3300 for 40ml and Rs 4250 for 65ml.


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