September 16, 2016

The first thing you need to remember about shoes is that basics come first! The next move is to collect more stylish ones. Regular ones are for comfort and everyday needs, whereas the stylish ones come into picture when you want to match with the ongoing trend.
Bored with the basic ones? Opt for the more trendy and snazzy looking ones. They will raise the bar of your style quotient.

To stand out from the crowd and be a fashionista, add these shoes to your wardrobe!

Clarks Leather Lace Ups

Orson Leather Lace up Shoes
Ideal for casual events or parties these shoes appear beautifully classic. Wear black or brown ones and pair them with slim-fit trousers and a jacket. This will definitely make a mark on not only the ladies but also on your compadre. Dance your heart out on the floor wearing these shoes by Clarks as they come with a slip resistant sole.


Lee Cooper Casual Shoes

Casual Lace up Shoes
Casual lace up shoes are, and will always be relevant and appropriate. Wear colours that are more in trend like burgundy or chocolate brown. A combination of these shoes with Chinos and a well-fitting jacket will make you stand out in the crowd. Look through the Lee Cooper collection for these and get that swag!

Woodland Boots

Wild Boots
Versatile and manly, these shoes are perfect for an active day out. Find them from the Woodland shoes collection. These shoes have now become hot international style. A combination of roughed up jeans, checked shirt and these shoes will make you look ruggedly cowboy level handsome.

Franco Leone Casual Shoes

Dashing Casuals
If comfort is the important criteria in your choice, then try these dashing casual lace up shoes by Franco Leone. These shoes will spice up your look for those casual evenings. Pair them with tailored shorts for giving off the ‘I am sexy and I know it’ vibe.

Puma Unisex Sneakers

Unisex Lace up Casual Shoes
Launched by Puma, this good looking pair will be a trendy addition to your shoes collection. The soles of these give a slip resistant style. Try different colours to make your pick. Team up these shoes with slim fit jeans and show the metro-sexual side of you.

Life Casual Shoes

Synthetic Lace up Shoes
Don’t want any leather in your shoe? Try these lace ups by Life. They are made of synthetic leather with a great luminescent finish. Excellent for casual wear, team them up with your favourite t-shirt and jeans and walk out the door in style.

Embrace these stylish footwear to make a fashion statement.



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