September 27, 2018

Think Bohemian and we’re quick to conjure thoughts of music fests, the arts, and gypsy clothes. And how could we ignore the boho spirit that’s very much alive in contemporary fashion, manifested through creative designs, colours, and silhouettes.

But, boho-chic dressing isn’t just a favourite with the grown-ups. Turns out little girls look equally pretty in boho-inspired outfits.

Need to refresh your girl’s wardrobe? Give her collection a hippie twist with these boho-chic dresses!

Fierce Florals_Boho Dresses For Girls


Fierce Florals – ‘60s hippie clothing is synonymous with full-blown bohemian attire. But don’t get taken aback! We aren’t going to suggest that you dress your kid in an ensemble that’s picked out right from the era. We’ve chosen just the good aspects, like sublime florals! Relaxed bohemian dresses with a touch of flower power – what could get more boho-chic than this combination? A knee-length floral dress, or even an ankle length one remain our top choices!

Statement Sleeve Charm_Boho Dresses For Girls


Statement Sleeve Charm – Seems like statement sleeves like the cold-shoulder and off-shoulder aren’t contemporary born! These relaxed sleeve silhouettes find a strong connect with what we call boho fashion. Infused into your girl’s breezy summer dress, the combination paints the perfect picture of bohemian culture, known for its liberal attitude and free spirit.

Ruffled Flair_Boho Dresses For Girls


Ruffled Flair – Frills have always been a part of girly couture. But in recent times, kids aren’t really fans of the elaborate, puffy silhouettes! Instead, opt for easy-to-wear, layered ruffle dresses that effortlessly cast a statement touch with their bohemian vibes. It’s just the kind of boho dress your kid will love. Why? She’ll be mesmerised by the way the dress dances around while she moves about!

Fringe Fashion_Boho Dresses For Girls


Fringe Fashion – Just like apple is to pie, so is fringe to Bohemian clothing. Be the first to buy your girl a boho dress with a dash of this aesthetic detailing! Whether it’s at the hemline or along the shoulders, it’s an ensemble that will clearly exude a bohemian charm. Moreover, this one effortlessly sums up the quirks of bohemian dressing!

Indo-Boho Fusion_Boho Dresses For Girls


Indo-Boho Fusion – Bohemian and Indian – seems like the two styles may not go well together. Wrong! They are actually the ideal pair. Imagine an ethnic ensemble with a Bohemian touch in the form of layered hems and boho-inspired prints. Starting to look good, isn’t it? A ghagra choli featuring these styles is the perfect ethnic-boho outfit you never knew your little angel needed!

Bohemian clothing calls for style and most importantly – comfort! So keep your little girl comfy and stylish with these boho outfit ideas!

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