June 4, 2018

Does the Marvel and DC universe fascinate you? Do you sometimes wish that you were a superhero in real life? Well, your dream isn’t too far-fetched. It all starts with you being a super hero in your own little way because it’s none other than our environment that’s in dire need of one!
Let us join hands with millions of others to save the environment. If you asked us, some determination, motivation, and these 5 tips are all it takes to make the big switch to an eco-friendly future. Let’s begin!


Use Smaller Plates– Not many are aware that wasting food leads to a build-up of methane; one of the most potent greenhouse gases! To make things worse, wastage is a huge burden on the production process and resources, a reason why we see a dramatic percentage of people starving. Be a part of the change by using smaller plates. Reinforce the habit of promoting recyclable materials like glass serving plates and steering clear of plastics and other disposable cutlery.

Manage-Your-Garbage_5 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Save The Environment

Manage Your Garbage– Waste management is a major issue around the globe. More often than not, accumulated plastic waste goes straight to natural waterbodies and disrupts the ecosystem. Break this vicious cycle by proactively looking for plastic-free alternatives like jute bags and straw products. Keep the plastic waste to a minimum by cooking food at home instead of buying plastic-wrapped, processed eatables. You could also make waste segregation simpler by creating a compost pit at home to toss any biodegradable waste in separate dustbins.

Maintain-A-Herb-Garden_5 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Save The Environment

Maintain A Herb Garden– Having an organic herb garden at home is another significant way to help save the environment. You could take those plastic containers or storage boxes that you may have lying around in the kitchen and use them as planters. The biodegradable waste from your kitchen can work as an organic fertiliser. Plus, when you have these ingredients within reach, you won’t have to travel to the super-market, reducing your carbon footprint to a certain extent.

Invest-In-Metal-Bakeware_5 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Save The Environment

Invest In Metal Bakeware– What’s sweeter than knowing that the treats you’re making won’t be hurting the environment? Move on from disposable baking containers and trade them for metal bake ware, which is sure to last longer. It is considered to be safer as compared to plastic ones, which are notorious for causing harmful chemical reactions. And, here’s another piece of good news – Once items like metal muffin tins and cookie cutters have served their term, they can be recycled to create quirky study table décor!

Reuse-Electronics_5 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Save The Environment

Reuse Electronics– With electronic waste getting harder to dispose off, you need to be more careful about throwing away appliances that have stopped working. An eco-friendly tip – repair and reuse! Take up DIY projects to up-cycle spare electronics and repurpose them creatively. If a device is outdated, put it up for resale or donation. That way, you stop contributing towards the accumulation of electronic waste, which is becoming a major problem, particularly in expanding cities.

An eco-friendly lifestyle will go a long way in preventing further ecological damage. So, be a part of the change by switching to eco-friendly products. Now is the time to begin!

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