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May 24, 2019

Gone are the days when sneakers only left your shoe rack during P.T. days at school, or when you’d want to go for a walk around the colony with your bestie. Today, they are being teamed with every style of attire for every kind of occasion.

High-end designer brands are coming out with their spruced up versions while celebrities are pairing them with evening gowns and wedding sarees! The classic sneakers have indeed come a long way.

Why Sneakers Have Become The New LBD

new LBD

Whether you’re a fashionista or the average Jill, just like how every wardrobe must have a trusted little black dress, every shoe rack must have one (or multiple) pair of classic sneakers. Here’s looking at why and how they have become so popular, not just with the millennials, but the older demographic as well.

  • Versatility

You may have been in situations where you were unable to decide between maroon stilettoes and beige peep-toes. With sneakers, you just can’t go wrong. The same pair can be teamed with almost every outfit in your wardrobe.

  • Comfort

Sneakers don’t come with the awkward and uncomfortable feeling you are left with within an hour of walking in heels or the blistery shoe bites from trying to break into new ballerinas.

Choose any of the best sneakers in the market, and they will fit you like a warm hug. Apart from that, they allow you to walk for hours without the slightest discomfort.

  • Style

The multitude of new styles has made sneakers a hot favourite. From styles adorned with embellishments to those inked with doodles, sneakers are no longer boring footwear that come in neutral tones. The simplest pair can up the ante of your entire ensemble.

  • Budget-Friendly
Budget Friendly

Depending on the make and brand you opt for, the good thing about sneakers is the diverse price range they come in. From college kids living on a budget to baby bloomers essaying the frugal lifestyle, there are numerous sturdy, yet cheap sneakers that are available today.

What To Pair Sneakers With

In one word- everything! Here’s a list of occasions for which you can easily choose a good pair of classic sneakers.

  • At The Workplace
At the workplace

It’s an easy pick when you’re the jeans and hoodie person at work, but interestingly, sneakers don’t raise eyebrows at the office anymore, unless of course, there’s a rule against them.

From long, pleated skirts and t-shirts for a Taylor Swift look to pairing them up with formals (yes, if Sonam Kapoor can pull it off, so can you!), sneakers are the perfect combination for your office gear.

  • For A Casual Brunch
Casual Brunch

Long flowy gowns and sneakers make for a chic, laid-back combination. The effortless girl-next-door look comes through with this pairing. Baggy shorts with spaghetti tops or t-shirts with these classic shoes work fantastically well for a lazy Sunday brunch.

  • Weekend Partying

You can either feel your feet screaming for help with every beat in towering stilettoes or you can dance the night away in comfortable sneakers that feel like you’re jiving barefoot.

And if you’re the typical Cinderella who ends up with one shoe missing after a wild night out, get yourself a pair of cheap sneakers that you wouldn’t mind losing!

How To Pick The Right Sneakers


  • Make: The good thing about these classic shoes is that they last for years if you pick the one built with the right material. The best sneakers are the ones that come with stitched, rather than glued soles, as they are much more durable.
  • Brand: Some brands have become synonymous with sneakers as they’re known for designing the best sneaker shoes that are of very high quality. Be sure to choose a brand that’s known for producing quality sneakers and have earned a good reputation.
  • Source: Whether you’re buying online or at a brick and mortar store, the best classic shoes are the ones that you purchase from a trusted source.

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