April 4, 2019

The Goatee, Mutton Chops beard, Balbo beard – you’ve heard the names before. But have you ever consciously attempted to grow one? While some prefer the clean-shaven look, most men like experimenting with their facial hair by alternating between a stubble, five o’clock shadow, and a full-grown beard. But not every style suits every man. So, how do you choose the right beard styles for your face type?

Here’s your guide to the latest beard styles, how to pick the right beard for your face shape, and some general facial hair grooming tips. You’re welcome!

Round Face 

Round face

Men with round faces usually have wide cheekbones, a wide jawbone, and a short chin. Since the chin is short and the rest of the face is round, you need to sport a beard style for your face type– one that cuts the roundness and adds an element of leanness. For this reason, a goatee usually works best for those with a round face. If you still prefer a full beard, make sure you keep the cheeks trimmed and keep it longer as you get closer to the chin. A Van Dyke beard can also be a good bet for those with a round face.

Square Face

Square face

A square-shaped face probably means that you have angular lines, thick cheekbones, and a short, sharp chin. Hollywood stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Johnny Cash epitomise the square-jawed look, and if you thought that anything goes as a beard style for this face type, we’ve got news. Traditional, thick moustaches look great on men with square-shaped faces, but when it comes to beards, a goatee, a chin-strap beard, or a circle beard are your best bets.

Oblong Face

Oblong Face

Usually characterised by a broad chin, wide jawbones, a narrow cheek and jaw area, the oblong face type needs a moustache and beard combo to neutralise the verticality. A well-trimmed, chin-strap beard is your best option. Try a full but narrow chevron moustache as an alternative to keep it interesting.

Triangular Face

Triangular Face

A tricky face type to pull off a beard and moustache, those with a triangle-shaped face usually have a pointed chin and broad jawline. For such face types, it’s best to go for a full beard, as not only will it divert attention from the sharp chin, but also balance the visual weight of the face. You can also opt for a perma-scruff or full sea captain’s whiskers.

Oval Face

Oval face

The easiest face type to experiment with beard styles, this one’s perfectly symmetrical and well-proportioned. You have a variety of beard styles for this face type to choose from, including the goatee, moustache, full beard, and the stubble look.

Grooming Tips For Men

Grooming tips for men

Whether you go for a full-grown beard or a relaxed stubble, the key to the perfect beard is following suitable grooming tips and using the right products.

  • Trim It Regularly

Even if you intend to grow your beard, it’s essential to trim your beard from time to time to ensure it grows evenly. Use an electric trimmer for an even trim.

  • Keep It Clean 

Make sure you wash your beard regularly to keep it clean and away from food particles and germs. Use a cleansing lotion to keep it clean and well-groomed.

  • Oil It Regularly

Yes, beard oil is a thing. Nothing keeps your beard soft and shiny like a regular massage with beard oil. You can choose from non-fragrant to flavoured options.

  • Don’t Ignore The Beard Wax

A beard gel or wax helps keep your beard looking its best, especially on those special days or during festive events. Besides, it further nourishes and conditions the hair, which is a win-win!

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