Spotlight On Librans: What’s Their Style?
September 30, 2019

A born charmer! Always living on the edge! If you’re a Libran, you’ve probably heard these compliments said to you. 

Peace lovers, Librans seek balance and beauty in all things. Some of them are happy working behind the scenes while some love the spotlight. Irrespective of what they do, routine and dullness do not interest them. Librans believe they are meant to do extraordinary things in life.

Libras are great diplomats, which means that conversations with them can lead to some invigorating debates! They also have a unique sense of style, which aptly reflects in their choice of clothes, and the way they decorate their homes.

As we enter the Libra season, let’s dig a little deeper into their style and understand how it reflects in their fashion and home decor. 

Fashion Guide for Librans:

Spotlight On Librans: What’s Their Style?

Librans are not afraid to experiment with style. They like having a mix of different patterns and colours in their closet. And, more often than not, they ace the fashion game no matter the occasion. Their wardrobe consists both of wild sequined dresses and practical, solid shirts.

Spotlight On Librans: What’s Their Style?

Style preferences of both Libra men and women are quite similar. They can steal the spotlight with just a simple black/grey outfit. However, you will often find them sporting their favourite pastel shades such as aqua, pistachio, lavender and peach.

What is a Perfect Party Night Outfit for Librans?

Wondering what to wear for a birthday night? Read on.

Spotlight On Librans: What’s Their Style?

If you’re a Libra woman, you love to look stylish, but also believe in prioritising comfort. To strike a perfect balance, choose denim for comfort along with a gorgeous floral mid shirt or a crop top. Accessorise with minimalistic yet glitzy jewellery, such as a pair of thick golden hoops.

Spotlight On Librans: What’s Their Style?

If you’re a Libra man, you love a neatly folded shirt and prefer it in colours such as soft blue and pastels. Even though you love simple looks, you’re always on the lookout for new trends to try out. For a party night look, dress up your shirt with a vest and a pair of cufflinks to elevate your style game. 

Home Décor Tips

Spotlight On Librans: What’s Their Style?

As a Libran, you enjoy the artistic expression of beauty in all forms. Open spaces appeal the most to you. You like the décor to be traditional but at the same time, you love adding contemporary elements to it. Balance! Isn’t that the keyword that describes your personality?

Spotlight On Librans: What’s Their Style?

Colour: Your love for neutral shades is likely to improve the overall aesthetics of your home. Go for the subtle shades of blue and green to dress up various elements of your home such as curtains, sofa fabric etc.

Spotlight On Librans: What’s Their Style?

Furniture: As a Libran, you probably love to host parties and gatherings. Make sure you include furniture such as coffee tables, side tables and comfortable chairs to facilitate conversations between guests.

Spotlight On Librans: What’s Their Style?

Nature: You love adding elements of nature to the décor. Use ivies and succulents to bring positivity into your home space.

So, Librans, it’s time to revel in both sides of yourselves this birth month. Whether you are looking for a cute pastel dress or an edgy jacket, browse through the Shoppers Stop’s latest offerings online and in-store collection to get what you want. If you’re looking for a sneak peek into last month’s zodiac, sign, read our blog on the Zodiac Sign In Focus: Virgo.

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