June 26, 2018

The global makeup trends for 2018 flashed on runways may seem like a bit too much for the reality of everyday life. But when the bold factor is taken down a couple of notches, you’ve got yourself a trendy addition to your makeup routine.

Speaking of runway-inspired trends for the year, it’s the crystal makeup fad that has all eyes on it.

Take a leaf out of the picture-perfect crystal makeup looks on the runway and create your own. Prep up your kit with some tweezers, skin safe glue, and your favourite crystals and jump on board the bling bandwagon!

Frozen Lip

Frozen Lip_Crystal Makeup Trends

Source(L): pinterest.com
Source(R): r29static.com

Sport the frozen, crystallized lip when you’re looking for a change from your usual lipstick. Break the monotony with a coat of shimmering crystals over your pout! You could showcase this look at a fashion-forward theme party and bask in the limelight. While it may seem like a bold choice to make, with some added confidence up your sleeve, it’s a decision you won’t regret!

Crystalise It:

  • Pick a long-lasting liquid lipstick for the base. Let it set for about a minute and then swipe on a clear lip topcoat.
  • Next, squeeze out some glue onto your hand and wait till it gets a bit sticky on exposure to air.
  • Use tweezers to dip the back of the embellishment into the glue and place it carefully onto your pout.
  • You can opt for an edgy look by crystalising your entire pout, or balance out the bling by leaving your bottom lip crystal free!

Forehead Bling

Forehead Bling_Crystal Makeup Trends

Source(L): primark.com
Source(R): makeuplovely.com

Ever thought you’d make your own version of a tiara? Now’s the time to get creative and add some crowning jewels to your often overlooked forehead. Trust a band of crystals to make it your best feature! Pick out tiny embellishments in multi-coloured hues, and gear up for that elegant ‘desert-princess’ look.

Crystalise It:

  • Use a cleanser to rid your forehead from dust and sebum before application. Pat it dry to prep it for the crystal makeover.
  • You can use pre-glued embellishments and place them onto your forehead. For a long lasting look, add a bit of eyelash glue onto them before application.
  • If you’re a minimalist in terms of your makeup, keep it simple by placing embellishments above your eyebrow line. Or else, go artsy with a powerful crown-inspired design to resemble jewels and precious stones.

Cheek On Point

Cheek On Point_Crystal Makeup Trends

Source(L): ytimg.com
Source(R): makeuplovely.com

Give your cheeks a share of the limelight too! Crystals in sorbet colours or a cool palette, make your pick. This fashion-forward addition is ideal for those music festival appearances and fun night outs!

Crystalise It:

  • Clear your cheek bones of any oily residue by cleansing it. Pat it dry to wick off any moisture.
  • Apply the crystal embellishments with skin safe glue onto the areas of your cheekbones you would like to highlight.
  • Experiment with quirky ideas like rainbow-tears streaming down the corners of your eyes. For a ‘quiet but fierce warrior’ look, create a V-shaped design that runs along your cheek bones and forehead, encapsulating the corners of your eyes!

Bedazzling Under Eyes

Bedazzling Under Eyes_Crystal Makeup Trends

Source(L): pinterest.com
Source(R): squarespace.com

Other than a stroke of kajal along your lower lash line, it’s our eyelids and lashes that get all the attention. Turn the tables this time and give your lower lash line that much-needed ‘x-factor’ with a touch of crystals!

Crystalise It:

  • Glide on a streak of eyeshadow right below your lower lash line. This will help to concentrate the attention on the crystals you’ll be adding on top.
  • Next, place the pre-glued crystals along the length of your lash line. For a long-lasting look, use eye lash glue to get them to latch onto your skin.
  • For a chic runway makeup look, let a shimmering white eyeshadow form the base with white crystals placed on top. Alternately, you could try a minimal version – one shiny crystal below each eye would do the trick!

Blink And Bling

Blink And Bling_Crystal Makeup

Source(L): simonedigital.com
Source(R): pinterest.com

Take your eye shadow’s style factor up a notch by sparkling it up with colourful crystals. Whether it’s a wedding reception or a glamorous night out, crystal embellished eyelids will instantly be the head-turner, for good!

Crystalise It:

  • Brush some eyeshadow onto your eyelids and let it form the base for your glamorous look. Feel free to pick a colour that contrasts or matches the colour of the crystals.
  • Using a pair of tweezers, place the self-adhesive crystals along the top of your eyelids.
  • You could intensify the look further if you wish by topping your entire eyelid with a generous coating of crystals.

The crystal makeup trend has taken the world by storm. Now let it rule your makeup routine! Get started by buying all the essentials you’ll need.

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