May 23, 2018

The change in seasons demands a change in your hair care products. And stepping outdoors may as well be considered daredevilry, what with the summer heat ready to strike!
We suggest you stay at the top of the game and show the weather who’s the boss. Flaunt your tresses, let them dance in the wind, all this while they go unscathed!
The line of hair care products by Yves Rocher lets you do just that. Here are the only products you’ll need for summer.
YVES-ROCHER-Balance-Shine-Raspberry-Rinsing-Vinegar_Hair care tips

YVES ROCHER Balance Shine Raspberry Rinsing Vinegar –  Rinsing hair in vinegar is an age old hack for maintaining healthy hair. This Raspberry Rinsing Vinegar provides the traditional benefits of rinsing vinegar but it does the job even better. Besides, the delicious raspberry scent and a vibrant berry red colour makes this hair treatment you’d want to try time and again. You’d agree, it’s a lot more soothing to your sense of smell and sight than plain old vinegar!

YVES-ROCHER-Nutrition-Reparation-Hair-Mask_Hair care tips

YVES ROCHER Nutrition Reparation Hair Mask –  The summer heat is known to damage hair by stripping it off its natural shine and lustre. Which is why a mask with essential hair care oils is a summer must-have for hair care. This nourishing mask is infused with jojoba oils and shea butter that nourish and repair those tresses. Moisturising and repairing, all in one!

YVES-ROCHER-Lissage-Smoothing-Milky-Serum_Hair care tips

YVES ROCHER Lissage Smoothing Milky Serum –  Summer means perspiration. Thanks, humidity! Not only is sweating bothersome but it is also unhygienic. This hair serum serves a much-needed summer solution and helps your tresses resist humidity for up to forty-eight hours. The formulation contains okra seed extract that is rich in vitamin A, C and K and magnesium. These nutrients and minerals nourish hair and leave you with softer, smoother and voluminous tresses!

YVES-ROCHER-Cuir-Vetiver-Hair-And-Body-Shampoo_Hair care tips

YVES ROCHER Cuir Vetiver Hair And Body Shampoo –  With the sensuality of woody and leather notes, the Cuir Vetiver shampoo promises to give you abundant summer feels. The formulation of botanical ingredients will not only cleanse but leave you feeling rejuvenated after a long day outdoors. Say hello to a healthy scalp and shiny tresses! Here’s a bonus – this product doubles up as a body shampoo too!

YVES-ROCHER-Anti-Chute-Hair-Loss-Therapy_Hair care tips

YVES ROCHER Anti-Chute Hair Loss Therapy –  Chlorine in the swimming pools, salt water, dry and hot wind are aggressive and damaging for hair in addition to the summer heat. Seasonal hair loss is common. Which makes the Anti-Chute Hair Loss Therapy a must have for summer hair care. It strengthens hair from root to tip and helps improve the density.

Give these products a go and you’ll never look back. Tresses that smell good, feel healthy, and strong; now’s the beginning of good hair days and many more to come!

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