May 21, 2019

We hear a lot of terms such as ‘apple-shaped’ and ‘pear-shaped’ being used whenever someone is discussing body types. It is natural to be a bit confused about what they mean, but that shouldn’t stop you from picking the right clothes and swimwear for your body type.

With summer around the corner, there is ample opportunity to hit the beach or cool off in a swimming pool. So don’t hold yourself back just because you might not think you are beach body ready.

Most bikini catalogues have ultra-thin women modelling for them. That isn’t what everyday divas, in general, necessarily look like. Across the world, women are left wondering if they would ever find a bathing suit for their bodytype, thanks to unrealistic beauty standards.

While these models may be relatable to some women, these magazines leave out the curvier women altogether as if there are no swimsuits for plus-size women.


The last thing that should come between a woman and her sunny happiness is the right bikini type for her body shape. So, if the body shape jargon doesn’t help you in choosing the proper bathing suits for your body type, we have compiled a list of easier and more understandable parameters. Here’s your guide on how to choose a swimsuit for your body type:

For women with small breasts

The first choice when it comes to accentuating your chest area is a padded bikini top. If it is too hot to be wearing padded nylon or velvet on a beach, go for bikini tops with embellishments, deep necks or ruffles. Bright colours further draw attention to your chest, giving it an illusion of being a bit bigger.

For women with larger breasts

A fuller bosom means more need for support. This is why you should avoid strapless tops. Strong bikini straps with thick bands would make sure that your bathing suit stays in place when you jump into the water. If you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself, avoid bathing suits in bright colours as flashy colours could give you a bustier look.


For women with small hips

For women with smaller hips, it is recommended you go for bikini bottoms that are bright and heavily printed. You may also consider frilled, or skater-styled lowers which cover the hip portion. While choosing a bikini lower, make sure you choose one with partial coverage to accentuate your curves.

For women with big hips

Curves are beautiful, and we are here to help you embrace them even if you feel a little self-conscious! While high-cuts and stringy thongs may not be the best bet for you, going for a full-coverage bikini bottom will enhance your shape. You could pair it with loud and bright tops to show off your beautiful curves.

For women with love handles and back fat

Flaunt your love handles all you want in a bikini of your choice. However, if you are a bit self-conscious and need help in being comfortable with your bikini body, go for a high-waisted bottom. Make sure it starts above your belly button so that it contains your love handles. However, you should avoid thin straps and low-coverage bottoms to make sure the swimsuit doesn’t need constant readjustments, especially when you are looking to frolic in the water without a care in the world.

For women with full thighs

Women with thick thighs undergo chafing in the inner thigh area. This can be cumbersome to deal especially in hot, humid weather. What’s more, chafing causes the region to get coarse, darker or lighter than the rest of your thighs. To avoid this situation, go for a bikini bottom with more fabric, or even a skirt if necessary. After all, your comfort comes first. Besides, skirts can give an impression of longer legs too!


For women with a bit of a belly

Almost every woman believes her tummy can be flatter, and these thoughts are further accentuated when a bikini comes into play. Relax, though. Your slight tummy flab can be covered-up with the use of printed or overlaying ruffles. Peplum swimsuits are also a good choice when it comes to selecting bathing suits for this body type. Moreover, swimsuits with a deep neck-cut or asymmetrical cleavage may further distract from your tummy section.

For women with cellulite

Curvy women, ultra-slim women, tall women, short women, European women, Asian women and basically, women of any shape or size know those out-of-place dimples on their hips and thighs all too well! So, ‘how to buy swim suits for your body type isn’t really the question here, because cellulite is everyone’s body type! While you won’t be able to tone things up in a flash, a funky skirt or ruffles or bottoms with more fabric could help in hiding cellulite. We really wouldn’t worry about it, though.

For ladies who think they are overweight

Plus size modelling is making its way into the mainstream fashion industry. However, there is hardly any representation of plus-size women in swimwear modelling. Swimsuits for plus size women, however, are the most creative and cute of them all. Embellishment, funky prints, and more fabric coverage are ideal when looking for swimsuits for plus size women. Some of these pieces imitate a design similar to that of a skater dress or a bailey dress.


For women with sensitive skin

While you may be looking for a bikini type for different body shape and how to choose the right swimsuit for your body type, we should not ignore our skin type either. Sunburns, rashes, and itchiness are just a few problems we have after a great holiday at the beach. Go for a long-sleeved top and a hat for a fun day out with the waves.

So, this was our extensive guide on how to choose a swim suit for your body type. Remember: Fashion is what looks best on you! We hope you can make a great fashion choice while purchasing a bikini for your next beach-cation.

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