The Clothing Checklist For Your New Born
September 19, 2018

It’s probably been 9 long months and finally having your little bundle of joy in your arms may seem like the happiest feeling in the world. Needless to say, caring for your little baby comes almost naturally. This means not only ensuring his feeding and nap time is on track but also taking care to ensure that he stays warm and snug.

Whether you’re a mom-to-be shopping for your baby or a new mom looking for the best newborn baby dresses for little ones, you’re looking in the right place!

Take a look at our comprehensive guide to newborn baby clothing.

Sleepsuits_Newborn Baby Clothing

Sleepsuits – Onesies remain the first and foremost staple most babies grow up in. They do a great job at keeping your baby comfortable and are nifty, thanks to their convenient clip and open closure. Whether your baby is enjoying some quality nap time or taking in the surroundings of the new world, it remains the perfect choice! You could also opt for sleepsuits with mittens attached to cover your baby’s hands. These will ensure your baby keeps from scratching himself.

Rompers_Newborn Baby Clothing

Rompers – If your baby doesn’t respond well to the feeling of having his feet covered, introduce him to the world of rompers. These are cute jumpsuit-style bodysuits, featuring the half pant silhouette. These newborn baby girl dresses offer plenty of breathability and freedom to move when your little one want to engage in some air soccer!

Pants-And-Tee_Newborn Baby Clothing

Pants And Tee – Mind you, this is not the regular pant-t-shirt combination we adults slip into. It’s specially designed for your newborn for quick nappy changes and clothing switches. The practical design features detachable clips for easy wearing and removal. This pair is best suited for when you take your newborn out for casual outings or the occasional visit to the paediatrician.

The-Bodysuit_Newborn Baby Clothing

The Bodysuit – The bodysuit is amongst the most comfortable options for your baby when he is indoors, particularly since he won’t be exposed to insects and the elements. This newborn baby boy dress design emphasizes on the leg cut-outs, without the built-in pants. The best part about the bodysuit is they can be given a dressy revamp when paired with shorts or skirts. You could also opt for wrap-style bodysuits which open easily from the sides.

The-Baby-Wrap_Newborn Baby Clothing

The Baby Wrap – Having a blanket handy for your baby is a must, even if you’re on a short trip. The blanket will help to keep your baby warm and ensure his body temperature stays stable. They also come of use when you want to protect your baby from direct sunlight or dust. Opt for a wearable swaddling blanket with a hooded design, which will prevent it from slipping off, while also protecting your baby’s head, particularly in colder environments.

Tips For Dressing Your New Born:

  • Look for clothes with detachable clips for more convenience
  • Choose clothes made of natural fabrics like bamboo and cotton, which are more breathable and skin-friendly
  • Opt for layers like lightweight jackets with hoods or soft knit caps for extra warmth
  • Make it a point to cover your baby’s feet, particularly when outdoors. If you have not dressed him in a full-coverage onesie, ensure you’ve at least put on a pair of socks or booties.

Follow this newborn baby clothes list, which is comprehensive in terms of both functionality and comfort. Get started by shopping for adorable baby clothing online!

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