June 8, 2022

Are you someone who has a signature style, silhouette, or makeup look? Well then consider adding a signature scent palette to the mix too. You might already have a favourite perfume but for building a palette, just one isn’t enough.

After all there are different perfumes for daytime and night, and for different seasons. So here’s how to build a collection that announces your presence when you walk into a room, and immediately reminds people of you. 

A fragrance can be unraveled in three layers. The top note, which is the most dominant. The heart, which is the scent that lingers. And the base note, which gives body to the scent. If you like fresh fragrances, choose notes like citrus, bergamot, mandarin, and lemon. If you prefer sweet scents, go for vanilla or fruity scents. If you prefer a deeper scent, go for oudh, sandalwood, or musk.

Nautica Men’s Voyage Eau De Toilette Spray

While choosing fragrances for daily wear, choose a mood you want to recreate with your scent. The Nautica Voyage Eau De Toilette is a light and fresh fragrance with top notes of apple and green leaves, middle notes of lotus and mimosa and base notes of oakmoss, creating an ocean-inspired scent.

Calvin Klein Women’s CK Eternity Aqua EDP

The Calvin Klein Aqua EDP combines floral and aqua scents for a classic daytime perfume that would be a great addition to any collection. The top notes of peony and red apple offer a feminine, sweet embrace which is balanced out by cedar wood and transparent musk. A versatile scent that’s never overpowering but always leaves a mark.

Giorgio Armani Men’s Acqua Di Gio Eau De Parfum

The Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Parfum is the perfect work scent with the right hint of subtle sensuality. The natural scents of patchouli and mandarin are settled in a base of leather and wood minerals, creating a long-lasting scent that’ll easily become your personal fragrance to be remembered by.

Giorgio Armani Women’s Si Eau De Parfum

The Giorgio Armani Si Eau De Parfum is a modern classic for women that is based in the evergreen combination of wood and florals. The heart notes of May rose and freesia are bright and crisp while the base notes of wood and vanilla give it a sweet depth that makes for a comfortable all-day scent.

Dolce & Gabbana Men’s Light Blue Pour Homme Body Spray

The Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Body Spray is a fresh, citrus smell that never gets old. This summer-ready spray has top notes of bergamot, mandarin and juniper, spicier heart notes of pepper and rosemary, and cooling base notes of oakmoss.

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC Red EDP Spray

The Elizabeth Arden NYC Red EDP Spray is a fruity and bright scent with hints of spice, all in a lightweight formula that clings to your skin all day long, just as a body mist should. The pink pepper and red currant top notes are perfect for summer, in a subtle base of Kashmir wood and tonka.  

Gucci Men’s Guilty Eau De Parfum

When choosing a perfume for evening or nightwear, it’s important to choose a layered fragrance that constantly keeps surprising. That’s exactly what the Gucci Guilty EDP does, with intense top notes of red chilli, rose and balsamic vinegar, followed by heart notes of lavender and neroli. The base notes are patchouli and cedar, creating an overall sense of unique surprise.

Burberry Her Eau De Parfum

The Burberry Her EDP is a sweet, musky scent, exactly how evening scents should be except it’s anything but ordinary. The top notes are a blend of beautiful fruity flavours like blackberry, cherry, black currant and lemon, creating an irresistible medley when combined with jasmine, vanilla and a cool oakmoss.

Calvin Klein CK One Deodorant Spray

No fragrance collection is complete without deodorants and the CK One Deodorant is a lighter version of the classic fragrance, perfect for working out in or wearing all day long. Fresh jasmine, violet, rose and nutmeg come together for a memorable summer scent that’s pleasing to the senses.

Carolina Herrera Women’s 212 NYC Deodorant 

The Carolina Herrera NYC Deodorant is made for the urban woman, yet inspired by nature. It has some contemporary scents like orange blossom and bergamot yet is settled by familiar gardenia like lily of the valley and camelia.

Make sure your fragrance has a little bit of everything — spices and florals, fruits and natural depths, for a sensory palette that never fails to delight.

Eau De Cologne 

A light fragrance, ideal for summer  which has  minimal concentrated fragrance between 2% to 4%.

Eau De Toilette

More concentrated fragrances, while still being light and fresh, last for 6-10 hours. 

Eau De Parfum 

Concentrated and rich fragrances that lasts all day along and have a more assertive scent.

Body Sprays and Deodorants 

Body mists have a light, lingering scent while deodorants have anti-odour properties.

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