March 23, 2021

Holi is almost here, and as you get ready to celebrate and blow off the steam of the long months stuck inside and the monotony of working from home, we’re helping you stay protected in more ways than one. While you enjoy a socially distanced, intimate, yet still fun and enjoyable holi, don’t forget to extend a layer of protection to your skin and hair, so that you can spend your day drenched in colours without a care in the world. And for the pesky tints that persist later on, we come armed with a whole cabinet worth of weaponry (read: gently cleansing products) to make sure that the marks of pink and green don’t stop you from looking and feeling your best even after the celebrations are over! 

Protection and Healing for the Skin:

A Sculpting Shield

Before you step out into the shower of colours and merriment, shield your face from the sun and potential irritants while adding a sculpted look with this multitasking Shiseido Unisex Waso Colour Smart Day Time Moisturiser. With colour improving qualities for even skin tone, deep hydration and protection against the sun and other impurities by effectively dealing with enlarged pores, this all-in-one skincare is all you need for a picture-perfect look this Holi!

Mega-Moisturised Lips

Lips are different from the skin of the rest of the face and that’s why we must never forget to pay extra attention to them. As you get ready for a day of fun till the sun sets, use this trusty little Arcelia Peach Love Tinted Lip Balm for nourishment that goes deep into the layers to keep your lips soft and moisturised for hours. With a sweet formula containing peaches and cream and the subtlest red tint, this pocket grab is a must for Holi’21!

3-in-1 Power

Once the festivities die down and all you want to do is wash the day away and get comfortable, the prospect of a multi-stepped process to get your skin squeaky clean can be a bummer. Worry not, for we have a solution for that too (yes, you can call us fair godmother). This Arcelia Power Pop 3-in-1 Cleanser+Scrub+Mask is your saviour. The natural extracts of exotic berries will revitalise, cleanse and stimulate skin to look like its best and brightest again. Clear and energised skin in a one step skincare routine? Sign us up!

Skin Stress Buster

If you have sensitive skin and feel like the colours have irritated some parts, don’t stress, aloe vera will come to your rescue. With this Plum Hello Aloe Soothing Body Gel that comes with tons of aloe and bio-sugars to pacify and nourish your skin, the irritation is bound to go away. Soothe and hydrate at the same time with this wonder aloe vera gel and say aloe to soft and supple skin!

Energised, Fresh and Clean

And finally, after your face has been taken care of and has gotten it’s glow back, it’s time for the body. Scrub the remnants of the day away with Arcelia Zingful Zest Shower Gel. Pamper yourself with the goodness of honey and lemon and step out with cleansed, soft and radiant skin that feels fresh and fragrant for hours!

Gentle Love and Care for the Hair

Layer of Protection

Before heading out and basking in the sun while the sky turns all kinds of shades, remember to take some time out for your tresses and protect them not only from sun damage but also the drying colours. Do this with this ultra-nourishing hair care product Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. A quick smearing over the scalp and a thin layer over the length of your hair will form a protective shield that will prevent the colours from reaching the roots and causing any problems. And a happy bonus, your hair will be extra soft and shiny post wash!

Deep Cleansing Action

After all the fun and frolic is over, it’s time for some love and care for your hair that made sure you looked your best during the festivities. Clean out the grime and repair your hair with the Yves Rocher Repair Balm Sulphate Free Shampoo with the gentle goodness of jojoba oil and agave. This powerhouse not only repairs past damage but also protects against future agressions so that your hair stays healthy and nourished throughout!

Volumising Conditioning

It’s a sin to go without a conditioner after shampoo, there we said it. And to make sure you don’t fall prey to this sin and to rough unmanageable hair, we’re swooping in to save the day with this Yves Rocher Repair Balm Sulphate Free Shampoo which helps reverse the effects of sun exposure, pollution, ageing and chemicals. Safe for coloured hair, this conditioner is our favourite when we’re in need of some deep hydration and a naturally volumised look. 

5-Minute Hydration

If you feel that the colours have dried your hair out more than usual, switch out the conditioner for this St. Botanica Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Mask. This hydration and restoration treatment takes all of five minutes to make your hair soft, shiny, manageable and revitalised. Whether you have a persistent problem of dry hair or just like to go for some deep conditioning every once in a while, this hair mask is perfect for reinvigorated and healthy hair!

Calming Ayurvedic Treatment


Let us take the opportunity of this festival to hook you onto this long term ayurvedic solution for thick, healthy and shiny hair. The Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment hair oil, with traditional Indian ingredients like indigo, gooseberry, sesame oil and milk, prevents hair loss, premature greying due to stress and environmental irritants, and gives you a lush, glossy mane. After rinsing the colours out of your hair, leave this hair oil on for at least an hour before shampooing for some ultra-nourishing action and the best your hair has ever felt!

With these goodness-packed products by your side, you’re ready to make this Holi the one-of-a-kind celebration you deserve. So get out there and dance the day away without a worry, and get your hands on these top skin and hair picks at your nearest Shoppers Stop outlet or shop online today!

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