February 19, 2020

Holi – the festival of colours is just a few weeks away. While it’s sure to be a day full of fun and frolic, do you find yourself shying away from the celebrations because of the fear of skin and hair damage resulting from chemical colourants?

Synthetic pigments can cause discomfort to your eyes, skin, hair and can even be harmful to your health. A little precaution before Holi and some effort after the event can go a long way!

So, bid farewell to those fears and let your guard down this season. Here are some skin and hair care tips for Holi that will keep your skin unblemished and soft.

Oil – Your Ultimate Skin Saviour

Girls and guys! A little oil never did harm. And trust us, there couldn’t be a befitting occasion to slather up than Holi. Massage a generous amount all over your body and hair before engaging in the colour riot.

The oil will instantly get to work and act as an invisible barrier to protect your skin from the Holi colours. If you have dry skin, apply coconut or almond oil. For those of you with oily skin, Aloe Vera and tea tree oil are good options. The best part about applying oil is that the post-play removal will be easy, and skin staining will be a thing of the past!

The night before Holi, prepping your hair with oil is a must. You can massage your hair with coconut oil, or you can mix castor oil with jojoba oil or rosemary oil. Make sure you apply oil evenly and on every strand to shield it from the toxic colours. The oil will provide nutrition and prevent it from drying excessively because of Holi colours and will help in getting rid of the colour from your hair. Also, avoid shampooing a day before Holi as the natural oils in your scalp will also act as a shield.

Sunscreen-The Infallible Shield

What’s calling for major skin trouble?  Exposing your skin to the harsh sun and chemical-laden colours is just calling for trouble. These can cause skin irritations in the form of rashes and blisters. But you’ve saved your skin the trouble if you have a coat of heavy-duty sunscreen on. Both men and women should opt for sunscreens with emollient properties. For harsh summers, use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or 50 and PA protection. For indoor Holi parties, an SPF 20 sunscreen will do the job. Ensure that you apply it at least 20-30 minutes before going out as it takes time for the protection layer to form evenly.

There are different types of sunscreen available in the market, so make sure you pick one that suits your skin type. If you have oily skin, avoid using cream-based sunscreen as it will make your skin greasy. Instead, use gel-based sunscreen. They are light on the skin and non-sticky. You can also use a sunscreen spray for easy application. If you have dry, sensitive or normal skin make sure you use a moisturising sunscreen.

Lipcare Hacks

Holi revellers, don’t forget, your lips are equally prone to get affected by the onslaught of harsh colours and UV rays. Women can stick to a tinted lip balm to lend a soft natural colour to their lips. Men can glide on chapstick to deliver intense moisturisation. Just like the massage oil, the lip balm will stop the colours from penetrating into the skin. Remember that the skin on your lips is more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body, so ensure that you wear a lip balm of at least SPF 15.

After you play Holi, exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub to get rid of all the dead skin cells. A DIY lip scrub with honey and sugar is great for exfoliating, hydrating and lightening your lips.

 CTM To The Rescue

Built-up debris on the skin doesn’t spell good news for skin, particularly when it’s followed by a spray of colours. To make the aftermath less tragic, it’s good to begin early with a ritual of CTM – Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising at least two weeks before Holi. This will keep your skin clean and supple and ensure a faster recovery from the damage. Men could avoid close shaves as this could aggravate skin that comes in contact with the colour.

Just before you go out to play Holi, ensure that you have on a thick layer of moisturiser. Not only will it help in maintaining your skin’s suppleness, but it will also prevent the colours from settling in too deep into your skin.

Guard Your Nails

If you’ve played Holi, you know that one of the toughest places to remove the colour from is your nails. An hour before you play Holi, rub petroleum jelly mixed with baby oil on your nails. This will offer a thick and protective layer. Another way of protecting your toe and fingernails is by applying transparent or white nail polish. This will prevent the Holi colours from seeping into your nail bed.

Head To Toe Care

When it’s Holi, you might as well prepare like you were on the battlefield – protected from head to toe. Make it a point to condition your scalp with a good amount of oil. This will prevent flaking and irritation later. And since your hands and feet are bound to be covered in more colour than the rest of your body, ensure you add a thick moisturiser to your pre-holi skin care regimen to prevent the damaging effects. Remember dry skin is more prone to getting cracked and infected.

Post-Holi Care

A few days after Holi, avoid using excessive make-up or anything harsh on your skin. Avoid activities that might aggravate the skin, such as bleaching, waxing or shaving and focus on moisturising your skin. Let your skin breathe, heal and restore its moisture.

These hair and skincare tips will help to reduce the damage from Holi colours. You can find a range of products that will help you safeguard your skin on the Shoppers Stop website or you can visit their retail store. Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Holi.

These hair and skin care tips will help to reduce the damage from colours. Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Holi.

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