Stylish Short Hairstyles To Try
December 19, 2018

So you’re no Rapunzel – is being a member of the short hair club driving you crazy? Are you running out of style options? Your days of spicing up your hair are here! Who said that short hair for girls means you can’t look stylish and fabulous!

When you’re in a hurry short hair seems like the best but there are tons of cute, funky, toned down styles out there to suit every occasion.

Whether a party, a casual meeting, work or just adding some pizzazz to your everyday look, short hair for girls definitely helps create a bunch of eye-catching looks.    

So if you’re on the lookout for easy to maintain hairstyles or simple hairstyle for short hair, here’s some inspiration for both no-fuss hair and snazzy styles to keep you going till your hair grows out!

Carefree Curls

Carefree Curls_Styling Short Hair For Girls

Whether springy coils, bouncy spirals or tousled waves it’s time to free your uninhibited friend. Curls are unpredictable, full of life and the best part – they aren’t one size fits all. So if you’re blessed with curls, it’s time to unleash them.

Loose Curls – For a quick look of full potential with half the effort, grab your best friend – volumizing mousse. After a shower, on partly towel-dried hair, take a blob of the mousse and scrunch it onto your hair.

Not only will this hold your curls in place but also give them that extra bounce.

Loose Curls With Fringes – Luckily for you, your hair has its own temperament so with the mousse you can tone it done and style it the way you like. It’s easy to maintain hairstyles which allow a scrunch and go style.   

One of the many variations you can try is adding a fringe for a slightly messy, laidback look.

The Trendy Bun

The Trendy Bun_Styling Short Hair For Girls

Buns are best for on-the-go hair. Wake up as late as you please, just throw your hair into a trendy bun and leave. There’s no need for straightening, curling, or worrying if your hair looks too oily.

Although you won’t have as much playing ground like with long hair and the twisting and coiling will be limited, you can just as easily rock a short hair bun with just as much elan!

Messy bun – On extremely lazy days, you can try the messy bun. All you have to do is gather all your hair on the top of your head and wrap it into a bun. Use funky pins/clips for the hair that doesn’t reach the bun also, flyaways are what make this style. Lastly, pull out a few strands here and there to give it that messy look.

Single low bun – If you’re not feeling the messy vibe and want something sleek, then you can neatly pull all your hair back into a low bun.

Double low bun – A spin of the single low bun is the double low bun. Part your hair into two and at the desired level and twist each section into a messy bun.

Sailor moon bun – For night outs, the sailor moon bun will definitely add oomph to your look. For this, first part your hair down the middle and tie one side. Say you tie the right, on the left side you need to make another section – start from the middle parting and go all the way down to the behind your left ear.

Pull the hair in front of your ear into a ponytail on the top of your head. If you have bangs, you can leave them out. Now twist the ponytail into a bun. The hair behind your ear is left loose. Repeat on the other side.  

Half up half down – This is a simple hairstyle for short hair that adds just a dash of spunk to your look. It’s both practical and cute and works for any occasion! Divide your hair into two sections top (till the crown) and bottom half.  

Tie the top half into a ponytail. To add volume you can slightly tease it. Then twist it into a bun and secure it. Finish by adjusting and achieving the shape you want.

You can create the ponytail on top of your head, near the crow or somewhere in between.   

Glorious Braids

Glorious Braids_Styling Short Hair For Girls

Want to stand out from the crowd? Your short hair with braids will definitely give you the attention you want! Especially if you take it up a notch and try these funky braids instead of the plain Jane ones!  

The best part of these easy to maintain hairstyles is that they can be combined with the bun to create funkier looks! You can sport a half up half down look with a Dutch braid, French braid or a fishtail braid.

Try the sailor moon bun with braids instead. Mixing and matching can take you places!  

Crown braid – Bored of letting your hair down the same old way, all day, every day? Then the crown braid is just for you. It’s super easy and a cute style to sport anywhere you go! Start with a middle parting.

Take a chunk of hair from the front of one section and braid it. Repeat on the other side. Now, take both the braids and join them at the back of your head, at or just under the crown and secure them into place. Viola! In few minutes flat, your hair looks like a million bucks!

Single/double Dutch braidShort hair for girls just got a whole lot cooler! A new player in the game, the Dutch braid is one of the coolest hairstyles for short hair. It’s a culmination of a French braid and normal braid. Part your section accordingly depending on a single or double braid.

Then take three sections starting from the hairline. Similar to a normal braid, where you take the right strand over the middle and then the left over and so on, here, you will do same except instead of going over, you will go under.

And like a French braid, you will take smaller sections from the hair that is left loose with every big section and then continue with the braid. Lastly, loosen the braid.

French braid – It’s time to bid au revoir to monotonous styles and try something flattering. The French braid is very similar to the Dutch; the only difference is that it’s a traditional braid with smaller sections going into the big section.    

Fishtail braid – Unlike the French and the Dutch braid, this is a sleek braid which makes it all the more versatile. To explain in a simple way, let’s imagine you’re making a single braid. Diving your hair into two section – the right and left.

Hold the sections in your both your hands, now from the outer edge of the left section, take a thin strand that’s not more than half a cm and join it from above to the right section and tuck it under.

Next, take a thin section from the outer edge of the right section and join it to the left section and tuck it under. Continue so on.

There are several variations to styling braids – you can do the crown braid with these styles, braid only your fringe and then tie it into a ponytail or bun, braid only the crown section and leave the rest open or pull back into a high ponytail, etc. Unbridle your creativity!       

Short hair has everything and more than long hair! You can tease it, tie it, braid it and even tie it into a bun!

Practice a few styles, mix and match the others until you find a formula that works for you. Once you do, there’s no looking back!

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