September 7, 2016

Today is the time of smart technology. We can see time on a number of electronic gadgets that we carry around with us like the smartphone, tablet or laptop. This renders the wristwatch pretty much useless. So why wear one?

Well, wristwatches have been in use since decades, but a man with class will tell you that a wristwatch is not just to tell time but is also a classic and an everlasting accessory.

Let’s look at a few watch styles that are a pure must have for every man!



When attending a formal event, classic and understated is your best bet. When it comes to your watch, a simple style and black leather strap is perfect. For dressy casual or business casual events, wear a similar watch, but with brown leather band. Check the Fossil collection for a classic addition to your accessories.



A fashion watch, worn in many casual situations, combines form and function to portray your personal style. These watches feature utilities that are built-in for specific purposes. Gentle reminder – you don’t need to be a pilot, a diver, or a race-car driver to enjoy these watches. It simply comes down to preference. If you like something that is affordable, buy it. Look through the Guess watches to get that right watch in the right situation.



Sport watches are fun to have when you’re being active in general. They’re usually more lightweight and resilient. The ones having a rubber strap can be easily cleaned. Depending on your choice, these watches come with built-in features like timers (chronographs or analogue), water resistance, backlit screens or dials, even compasses and altimeters. Browse through the Fastrack watch collection and pick your favourite.



This is the kind of watch you wear on weekends, while grocery shopping, seeing a movie or things like that. There is nowhere to go in particular that requires a specific watch. Since these are daily wearers, I go for a more affordable route. Fastrack has plenty of them available. FCUK has plenty of options available that come in leather or metal, as well as those whose bands you can swap out.

If you’re just starting to build your watch collection, buy the type that you need most, then tackle the other categories in order of necessity.


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