August 26, 2016

As the air cools down with the rain, we mark the beginning of winter and slowly escape the wet, but coarse treatment of the weather. This is also the time to cast out your lightweight perfumes which have dominated the warm climate. In winter, there will be heavy clothing and low temperatures; both of which will make it difficult for any scent to properly emanate. This is the time to adopt to heavy aromas that are more complex and grounded, while introducing a refreshing new twist, with a fragrance that complements the cooler weather.

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So, here we go, as we begin the search for the perfect winter fragrance for you.

Scent that compliments you
It is necessary that you recognize the fragrance that positively reacts to your own body chemistry, in order to reflect the changing weather. Sit down and smell each perfume for at least 5 minutes. You must let the fragrance settle down to recognise the true nature of each scent, while searching for some form of agreement.


Smell that you genuinely like
With changing seasons comes the changing moods, as every scent may evoke a very specific response from you. So now, you must find the smell that you are comfortable with. You could try out the sweet notes of any fruity or spicy origins, such as amber, vanilla, cinnamon, etc. Experiment a little with the fragrances that combine the rich scents of different origins.

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Scent that suits the occasion
It could be a day or an evening, as you get ready to mingle with people indoors, if not outside. The set of environmental conditions will now affect your choice of fragrance profoundly. For cooler evenings, for example, woody fragrance brings-in a rich and natural feeling in both men and women. Notes that contain sandalwood, cedar, cypress, wood moss, are most appropriate for such occasions.
If you are going causal, however, a lighter scent that is reminiscent of forest and woodland, works better; especially if you are outside. Patchouli, oak moss, sage, etc., are a few of the earthy tones you could go for.
When strolling through a corporate environment or a special event, try sensual overtones of woody notes over a fine undertone of various sweet notes. Here, you could use vanilla, jasmine, violet leaf or any other flower based sweet notes.
In case of the day wear, women can use a soothing aroma of flowery fragrance. Notes that originate from rose, jasmine or lavender provide certain feminine qualities. For men, however, one would recommend the application of warmer tones, such as leather, clove, orange blossom; or the ever reliable classic tones, such as bergamot, amber, musk, sandalwood, etc.

So, bring-in a few sophisticated notes that can diffuse perfectly at lower temperatures, especially if you’re wearing a winter coat. Exotic scents that are deeper and richer in aroma could very well find a place among the beauty products you have in your fall winter collection.

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