January 24, 2019

Many of us struggle with weak hair. Our hair simply seems to be falling off no matter what we do and we are clueless about how to deal with it. How to strengthen hair has always been a question for all the ladies. A change in lifestyle and a few home care remedies will lessen your weak hair problems.

Here are few hair care tips on how to strengthen hair naturally.


DIY HAIR MASKS_hair care tips

source: healthandglow.com

Hair masks are natural and strengthen the roots of the hair. It’s not wrong to say that everyone is shifting back to home-made products.

The natural and organic ingredients in a hair mask moisturise the scalp and promote hair growth. There are many types of masks for different hair problems which can be made at home.

One of the most popular and effective DIY masks for growth and strengthening hair is with Cinnamon Powder + Coconut Oil. Coconut oil has hydrating moisturising properties and cinnamon can treat hair fall, hair thinning and dandruff and also strengthens the hair follicles. 



A BALANCED DIET_hair care tips

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We regularly forget how important is a balanced diet in our everyday hectic life. A perfect balanced diet with all vitamins makes the texture of your hair smooth and shiny.

Your hair needs specific proteins to strengthen and increase hair growth. Vegetables like spinach, avocados and fish, eggs keep your tresses healthy and shiny.

Omega 3 fats like almonds and nutty seeds like flax and walnuts ensure that your scalp is hydrated.

Drink plenty of water to be well hydrated and your scalp stays moisturised.


OILING YOUR SCALP_hair care tips

source: tinystep.in

Oiling your scalp is the most essential step and one of the ways to strengthen hair also to keep it shiny. Oiling your scalp nourishes it with essentials oils and strengthens it from roots.

Oil your scalp and strands with warm coconut oil, massage it gently and allow it to rest at least for overnight. You can even try Jojoba oil, castor oil or olive oil.

Try and oil your scalp two times a week to maintain shine and faster hair growth.



source: lionesseflatiron.org

Hair products include many chemical ingredients which can damage your hair. Sometimes these chemical products also cause dryness and itchiness on the scalp. The best shampoo to strengthen hair is to use a Sulphate-free product. 

Always before buying any hair products make sure you have knowledge about the ingredients and also know which products you are allergic to.

Try to avoid chemical-based hair colour treatments as it can damage your hair and result in premature greying.


HAIR SERUMS & GELS_hair care tips

source: helloglow.co

Hair gels and serums are used to prevent frizzy hair and hair breakage. Always use gels and serums infused with natural ingredients which moisturise dry hair and also prevent split ends.

Make sure you are aware of the ingredients used in the products.  While applying the gel or serum leave an inch from the roots of the hair.

Always use a heat protection hair serum or gel before heat styling your hair.


– Opt for a silk pillow cover rather than any other material, it doesn’t absorb the natural oils from the hair and also reduces breakage.

– Don’t skip the conditioner. Use a chemical-free conditioner or sulphate-free to avoid frizzy and brittle hair.

– Pay attention to your body and hormonal changes. Thyroid can be one of the causes of hair thinning. Get your checkups done regularly.

How to strengthen hair care tips are natural and homemade that will keep your hair healthy and shiny. 

These tips will make hair stronger and thicker, what are you waiting for?  Regularly follow these tips to ensure your hair growth is strong and healthy.

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