August 24, 2018

A watch is more than just a mere time-piece to a man and it does more than just tell time. More often than not, there are personal connotations associated with a watch, making the sentimental value overshadow the financial value. Considered a man’s timeless companion, if taken care of properly, these timepieces can be passed on through generations. It is essential to take care of your watch for it last longer and look appealing every time you wear it.

 If you are unsure on how to take care of your watches, we have categorised and tapped into the smaller details you need to watch out for.

With Great Leather Comes Great Responsibility

leather watch

A classy accessory, a leather watch is every man’s go-to watch. Its appearance and comfort is what makes it great. Though it is a versatile watch, you do not want the leather to start smelling odd, especially if it’s one from your favourite collection. Having said this, a good way to prevent any damage is to take a white cloth (using a coloured cloth might make the dye mix into the leather), dip it into a solution of luke-warm water with soap and gently clean the inside of the strap. The same applies to the outside of the strap, if required.

A Thought for Metal Strap

metallic watch

A metal strap watch is worn on a regular basis by most of you. Metal and water are old rivals. Make sure you don’t clean the strap with water as it can potentially rust your watch. However, the key to clean a metal watch is to take a damp cloth and clean it thoroughly on the inside and out, especially between the rivets and gaps. Lastly, make sure you dry the watch properly to avoid any formation of rust.

Watch the Face!

tips to take care of the watch

This part of the watch is what you look at to see the time every day, you will want to take care of it in every way possible. A small amount of polish and polishing cloth can be used to clean the surface of the watch. The challenge is the dust which settles in the crevasses which can easily damage your watch. Take a dry tooth brush and gently brush away the dirt that’s built up.

Read Your Watch Manual- Always!

manual for watches

There are certain things which are specific to each watch. They are mentioned in the watch manual. It is necessary to read these tips in order to keep your watch in the right working condition.

Store it Right!

right way to store the watches

The simplest measures make the biggest difference. Retain the box that your watch is packaged in. It is designed in a way to keep the watch safe from all kinds of harmful effects, like extreme temperature and dust. Every time you want to keep the watch away, keep it inside the storage as it is designed to protect the watch.  

Your special time-piece deserve care and attention. Now that you know the tips and tricks to take care of your watches you can cherish them for longer!

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