Tips To Style Men’s Formal Wear For A Great First Impression
November 29, 2018

Formal wear is an indispensable part of a man’s wardrobe. From boardroom meetings to the everyday office look to evening wear  and the perfect men’s formal wear can create the best impression

While having a collection of formal pieces at your disposal leaves you with more options, knowing how to style them right is important. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered on everything that involves men’s formal wear! From formal wear tips to new ideas for creating dynamic business looks, it’s all in here. Let’s get started!

More Power To The Shirt_Men's Formal Wear Tips

More Power To The Shirt – When it comes to formal wear tips, most style gurus agree that a well-fitted shirt is of absolute significance in a men’s formal wear wardrobe. Shirts that fit snugly work the best. Avoid shirts that are too loose or tight. For formal occasions, wield out that crisp white shirt or one in a solid pastel hue. On the other hand, for semi-formal occasions, don’t hesitate to try out formal shirts in deeper tones and varying textures and patterns. While styling your look, refrain from scrunching up the shirt sleeves as it could create a tacky appearance. The right technique to roll up formal shirt sleeves is to fold it up to two widths of the cuff, level it with the bottom part of the cuff and roll it again till only the cuffs are visible. Iron out your look by tucking in your formal shirt, with only one inch pulled out.

Trousers For Some Finesse_Men's Formal Wear Tips

Trousers For Some Finesse – Nothing works better than a bespoke pair of well-fitted formal trousers. Most formal trousers for men feature design elements like a straight back and a tiny crease at the front. Whether it’s a pair of dress pants or formal trousers, ensure that the length is correct; ideally, it should barely rest on the shoes. While black pants remain a classic, you could also experiment with grey, navy blue, brown and beige pants. If an office party is on the charts or the casual Friday beckons, a pair of slim-fit chino pants are a trendy choice.

Waistcoat 101_Men's Formal Wear Tips

Waistcoat 101 – Waistcoats are a quintessential choice if you are donning a suit for a formal occasion. They effortlessly streamline your look, providing an elegant finish. When suiting up, make sure that the colour of your waistcoat is coordinated with the trousers for a classy touch. Pair it with a solid coloured shirt and tie to balance out the look further. Opt for a shirt in a contrasting shade to make your get-up stand out.

Blazer On Point_Men's Formal Wear Tips

Blazer On Point – Men’s formal wear wardrobes are incomplete without a sleek formal blazer, whether it’s a boardroom presentation or a meeting at a client’s office in question. Select a blazer that suits your body type and personal style. Double-breasted blazers are suitable for formal occasions while single-breasted blazers work well for semi-formal occasions like office parties when paired with shirts. Not to forget, blazers are versatile pieces and can be styled in some experimental ways too! For starters, try your hand at pairing your formal blazer with a polo shirt for a classy Friday look. Tie down the ensemble with a pair of well-polished shoes and a statement watch.

Accessorize It Right _Men's Formal Wear Tips

Accessorize It Right – It is crucial to nail your formal wear look with the right accessories. One rule to swear by is to match the colour of your belt with your shoes. Also, ensure that your formal shoes are in neutral tones like black, tan or brown for an understated touch. Opt for socks that match the shade of your trousers. When it comes to add-on accessories like the tie and pocket square, it’s always best to colour coordinate for a sophisticated finish. Last but not the least, invest in a statement watch which makes an immense difference to your overall look.

Perk up your formal wear style game with our tips. Select from a diverse range of formal clothing.

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