May 29, 2018

Meal times with loved ones are the best. Enjoying scrumptious food at the dining table whether it’s with family, friends or a solo affair is a relaxing experience.

And to make this pleasant experience even more beautiful, why not give your dining table a little makeover? Simple tweaks to your dining table decor can create a cosy cocoon where you’d love to escape to when meal times beckon.

To help you get that dream escape, here are 5 dining table decor ideas along with a couple of maintenance tips.

A Touch Of History

A-Touch-Of-History_Table Decor Ideas

Are you a fan of the Victorian age? Infuse an essence of old-world charm in your dining decorations by adding a few antique accents. Add a dining table centrepiece with a pretty  teapot and some classy candle holders. For an elegant look, use a lace tablecloth along with placemats in a vintage design. Not only do they add an antique touch, but they also ensure that your tablecloth retains its neat and clean look in case a bit of food spills over.

A Garden Nook

A-Garden-Nook_Table Decor Ideas

Most city slickers live in high-rise buildings where a personal garden space seems like an unimaginable luxury. Here comes another dining table decor idea to help you out! Potted flowering plants as dining table centrepieces are ideal to give your dining area a ‘garden-table’ vibe. Use a pot made from glass along with a matching plate so that the excess water doesn’t ruin the tabletop.

A Royal Affair

A-Royal-Affair_Table Decor Ideas

With the royal wedding fresh in your mind, giving your dining table a royal makeover is sure to help you get that little princely niche. You can do this by adding silver accents to your table, like a silver flower vase. Make goblets and silver bordered plates a part of your dinnerware to add to the finesse. The only thing you need to take care of is ensuring you hand wash these items to maintain and enhance their sheen.

A Quirky Twist

A-Quirky-Twist_Table Decor Ideas

Add a creative spark to your dining area to help get your artistic juices flowing while you enjoy your delicious meal! Textured tablecloths in your favourite colour will brighten up your mood. Alternatively, you could also keep the tablecloth simple and let the placemats add that pop of colour. Marbleized dinnerware is ideal for such a bright and peppy setting. For the centrepiece, a quirky glass bottle filled with string lights or a jar holding pretty artificial flowers adds that finishing touch.

A Foresty Feel

A-Foresty-Feel_Table Decor Ideas

A wooden dining table is ideal for a forest-inspired dining area, especially in an outdoor setting like your backyard or terrace. A table runner in an earthy colour is a good decor element to begin with. You could even opt for a checkered table runner to get that ‘picnic in the park’ feel. Dining table runner ideas are in plenty if only you keep an open mind. Throw in bamboo placemats to add an earthy touch. They also help to keep maintenance to a minimum by guarding the wooden table against scratches that dinnerware may cause. Finish off the look by adding a centrepiece like a glass terrarium filled with blooming green plants! They make for the most authentic dinner decoration.

Sometimes all you want is a space where you can sit back and enjoy a meal with no distractions like the TV or your smartphone. Renovate your dining space with decors that help you live in the moment. Let our online store help you get started on your dining table makeover!

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