May 30, 2018

No one is ever too old for a slumber party, at least that’s what I believe in. And adulting is not as great as our innocent younger selves once imagined it to be. So, what better a way than to break free with an uber cool grown-up sleepover party! And regardless of its name, let’s face it, no one’s going to get a wink of shut-eye! But we have to admit, that’s the best part.

Here are my top 5 grown-up pyjama party ideas for adults to help you plan that perfect escape from your boring routine:

Sing The Night Away

Sing-The-Night-Away_Slumber Party Ideas

We all have a favourite music artist who has been a part of our lives since the early teen years. So, why not let the Taylor Swift (my personal favourite) or the Chris Martin in you see the light of day with a fun night of karaoke!

Enjoy An Entertaining Match

Enjoy-An-Entertaining-Match_Slumber Party Ideas

With the Football World Cup just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for a match screening at your place. Watching a match with your gang is an ideal adult slumber party idea since some of the matches will be aired at around midnight. I know I’ll be cheering for Spain all the way!

Pamper Yourself Like Never Before

Pretty-Yourself-Up_Slumber Party Ideas

Once in a while, I just need some time to try out those new makeup trends with my friends that I come across online. And maybe you need to try them out too. So why not have a night of playing dress-up with your girlfriends? Get out those new lipsticks and eye shadows and give each other a trendy new look. Brownie points for those perfect selfies!

Tuck In For A Wine And Dine

Wine-Away-Your-Night_Slumber Party Ideas

We all need a little taste of Italy that helps us relax and have a peaceful evening. Why not get your friends over and have a wine tasting session at your place? It’s a good time to put your wine glass collection to use. A wine soiree in bed could probably be amongst the coolest adult slumber party themes to try. My girlfriends and I tried it out, where each of us got a different brand of wine, and trust me, we had a gala time!

A Movie Marathon Night

A-Movie-Marathon-Night_Slumber Party Ideas

I love watching movies! The joy of escaping from my life into another world is what draws me in. And maybe a night of watching your favourite movies with your gang is all you need to unplug from your hectic schedule.

I’ve either hosted or been invited to grown-up pyjama parties that have had these fun themes and they’ve all been a success. Now, it’s your turn! Give these adult slumber party ideas a try. And remember to always turn up in style. Get your sleepover outfits on point by shopping online!

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